Mechanical characteristics of the production and processing in detail

by:NJPE     2020-07-06
Mechanical characteristics of the production and processing in detail. Release date: 2019 08 - 19 21:22:01

( 1) Nc precision machining efficiency

milling have higher efficient than cutting, milling, therefore chooses big drilling depth of steel, high speed than 1, the metal material removal rate is usually the multiples of cutting production and processing. Numerous clamp installed with nc precision machining can be a variety of surface processing, while cutting must be installed several times, and the auxiliary speed and processing surface middle and high precision.

( 2) Machine equipment investment low cost CNC lathe project investment significantly when productivity is also good and CNC grinding machine, the auxiliary system software with a lower cost. In view of the small mass production milling without special equipment, large quantities of production and processing and high precision components will be expected to play good rigidity, high precision level and repeated accuracy level of numerical control lathe.

( 3) Appropriate batch production intelligent production rules itself is the numerical control lathe processing coverage mode of flexible production and processing, CNC lathe control variable and Jane milling clamp load quickly, compared with cutting hard turning into flexible manufacturing production as soon as possible.

( 4) Hard turning allows components to get excellent overall production and processing precision

the hard turning China manufacturing most of the heat bring by cutting oil, not easy to cause the surface of cutting production and processing burns and crack, have high quality production and processing process performance, precise production and processing of the roundness, to ensure that production and processing surface between the part of the higher precision.

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