Mechanical equipment have advantages than general CNC lathe?

by:NJPE     2020-06-17
Mechanical equipment have advantages than general CNC lathe? Release date: 2019 05 - 24 17:31:45

, metal processing, have you ever said to the manufacturing industry? You know mechanical equipment? ? If I don't know all the words that the material you have some of the long and hardware industry. Nc machine tools are common mechanical equipment is the hardware industry the technology and equipment, can produce many machined parts processing. I think also called CNC lathe or CNC machinery equipment, is the key part of the hardware industry. In view of the mechanical equipment, this is how to constitute, is for general CNC lathe usually, what are the advantages? People seem a little below is how to say.

mechanical equipment be included with this application process automatic control system of automation technology of CNC lathe. Can logically solve the automatic control system with control number or other tag order that requires the application process, and its decoding, thus make CNC lathe and precision machining parts. Also known as CNC or CNC lathe.

in mechanical processing plants, machinery and equipment is usually composed of the following several part:

drive device, he is mechanical equipment electric actuator drive components, contains the main shaft bearing drive module, feeding module, spindle motor and feeding motor, etc. He dominated in the numerical control machine tool equipment according to the electrical equipment or hydraulic servo control system to establish the main shaft bearing and feed drive. More than a good feeding, muscle can be precise positioning, parallel lines, plane curve and interior space production and processing of the chart.

server, and he is the theme of mechanical equipment, including nc lathe, vertical pole, spindle bearing, feeding organizations such as mechanical parts. He is used for various drilling production and processing of mechanical parts.

auxiliary equipment, refers to some necessary infrastructure components of machinery and equipment, to ensure that the operation of machinery and equipment, water cooling, and milling surface, RunHua, lighting lamps and lanterns, detection, etc. It consists of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, milling equipment, exchanging work station, and CNC dividing head, nc rotary table also includes nc blades and monitor inspection equipment, etc.

CNC machine tool equipment, is the key to the machinery and equipment, including hardware configuration, Printed circuit board, the CRT display screen, the key box, paper tape reader, etc. ) And its relative mobile phone software to type in the parts of the intelligent application process, and then type the information content of storage, statistical data transform, interpolation and operation and build all kinds of control function.

programming and ancillary machinery and equipment, he could be used to carry out parts inside the machine of numerical control processing, storage, etc.

the manufacturer said, compared with general numerical control lathe, mechanical equipment has given properties:

parts processing changes, usually only have to change the numerical control machine tool processes, production preparation time can be saved;

coordinates can be carried out correlation, can look like multifarious parts in production and processing;

CNC lathe automation technology level is high, can alleviate the labor efficiency;

CNC lathe its high precision, large stiffness, can choose useful usage in production and processing, high productivity, For general CNC lathe usually 3 ~ 5 times) ;

production and processing precision, has the stable production processing quality;

on regulation of the actual operation personnel is higher, higher standard technology of maintenance staff.

mechanical equipment used in metal processing manufacturing industry is a very big development, is aimed at general on the technical development of numerical control lathe made metal processing to accelerate more, quality is more good, is only a technical and operational staff is more accurate, more high.

how don't tube, mechanical processing plant, the occurrence of mechanical equipment for the development of the hardware industry is full of a pretty big, maybe the machinery and equipment are extreme, is must be unceasingly enterprising. People believe that into a diligent, professional and technical personnel more good mechanical equipment will come later!

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