Mechanical equipment manufacturing industry may mention tooling!

by:NJPE     2020-07-01
Mechanical equipment manufacturing industry may mention tooling! Release date: 2019 05 - 26 19:16:12

must metal processing machine and machine equipment, but only for machinery, equipment and raw materials haven't production and processing machinery spare parts. Must also be the necessary equipment, this is called overalls. Overalls category is very broad, including CNC blade, fixture, measuring instruments, abrasive, and so on and so on. General work clothes, also special overalls. Some specialised equipment overalls, universal equipment must work clothes. Special overalls must do the design, manufacture, plays a crucial effect on the quality of the goods and the productivity.

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the Internet age, the Internet technology in the consumer sector has aside, then to cloud computing technology, Internet technology and mobile Internet for means of new network technology leap development, electricity in expanding domestic demand and promote consumption, promoting economic development, adjust industrial layout, and give full play to the key functions such as level, has become a new module of the social and economic development. Industrial production industry, in contrast, is still sluggish, our country is a producer of the empire.

Chinese manufacturing industrial structure upgrade industrial production 4. The advent of 0.

4 industrial production. 0 means that the information content of physics fusion system used in the manufacture base is intelligent, digital and intelligent systems. Is different from the past the larger is the ratio of stiffness to establish human production and manufacturing, intelligent systems to enhance the resource utilization and green manufacturing. Industrial production 4. 0 pays attention to high efficiency, low cost, no response is fast, the idea of customers can reflect completely finished goods production and manufacturing.

in metal processing for many years inner MouBiHai seeks total Beijing co. , LTD. , entrepreneurial opportunities, well-known Internet companies in the United Nations organization, created 'chengdu metal processing' network platform.

fusion machinery manufacturing resources, news and information for the customer to show details of the goods. Using the 'chengdu metal processing' cloud computing technology, the Internet big data, such as network technology, based on intelligent systems technical sharing resources, customer sharing resources and content to a Shared resource sharing resources, goods to a Shared resource, economic income, real set up cross-border share economic integration.

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