【Mechanical failure] How should CNC processing factory judge machine tool failure!

by:NJPE     2020-02-08
The causes of machine tool failures in CNC processing plants are various, which may be parts problems, assembly problems, or even design problems. According to the cause of the fault, there are three types of faults. (1) wear failure it refers to the failure caused by normal wear that has been expected and is inevitable during design. (2) misuse failure it is a failure caused by improper use or improper use. (3) congenital fault it is caused by improper design or improper design. In addition to the cause of the fault, there is also a fault nature. The nature of the fault is divided into the following two types. (1) intermittent failure in the short term some functions, a little repair and debugging can continue to work, do not need to replace parts. (2) permanent failure part of the function is damaged, need to replace parts can continue to work. The importance of CNC machine tools to CNC processing plants need not be clearly stated, and it is extremely important to judge the cause and nature of machine tool failures.
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