Mechanical parts processing rules on!

by:NJPE     2020-06-17
Mechanical parts processing rules on! Release date: 2019 05 - 24 17:15:11

mechanical parts processing: all parts at the time that the production and processing all have precision regulation, if the inspection found in milling machine processing precision, the worse, as the goods are likely to become nonconforming product. For components, its production and processing precision of why the worse?

difference is quite big city hardware sharing milling precision machining precision level due to the adjustment, the installation of the equipment on the axis in the middle of the feeding dynamic tracking deviation no alignment; Or damage to the equipment application, numerical control lathe the shaft transmission gear shift. In this case, the gap can be adjusted through again and changes to the amount of compensation to deal with.

so when milling machine processing machinery and equipment of dynamic tracking deviation is too large, and the alarm can check the ac servo motor speed ratio is too high; Parts inspection components are good. Position feedback cable connector is a fine touch; Relative to the analog input and output latch, gain the resistor is good; Relative servo motor drive equipment is normal, and immediately carry out maintenance.

maybe, if the CNC lathe the fitness overshoot can cause milling machine processing precision is not very good, such as add, deceleration time shorten, machinery parts processing can moderately increase the rate of change of time; Also will be a motor servo motor and ball screw loosening or in the middle of the connection stiffness is very poor, moderately reduce position loop gain.

another, when two shaft moving and milling machine processing machinery and equipment, round the dangers of elements such as radial deformation and inclined oval deviation, the milling machine processing precision will be worse. At least deformation will be caused by mechanical equipment are not adjusted; And inclined oval deviation to inspection of each axis position error value, if the error is too big, can adjust the position loop gain to clear.

then check the rotational servo drive or inductosyn interface board is alignment, then check gear pair gap is very big, is suitable for such as gap compensation, confirm the direct cause of poor milling machine processing precision.

large and medium-sized metal processing for this in terms of the basic construction of a large city, it is critical to their labor is quite big, therefore, each moment must be very large production and processing of the total, if at the time that the production and processing as far as possible choose to the comprehensive utilization of raw materials, the application of low consumption of green environmental protection production and processing equipment, it can cause less environmental pollution, time grew, machinery and equipment must be upgraded at that time, you can also buy to the related department to solve a down again production and manufacturing, metal processing manufacturing core ideas are the must have, now many enterprises so that its business process must be the choose and buy a lot of machinery and equipment, they will give full consideration to the green environmental protection machinery and equipment, high performance/price ratio, and perhaps also bullish on commodities, is must ensure that the quality, the price compared to other special this week, no resistance against goods as they are.

in metal processing

the provisions of the large and medium-sized metal processing conditions for the worker usually is very strict, must want to reach the target within the required time, in the process of machining, these changes with the raw material for the goods immediately on the whole process of call processing process. It contains wool embryo conditioning treatment, the milling machine processing, manufacturing, product quality inspection and equipment assembly line, etc. The whole process to ensure that the processing craft everything is all right to carry out the necessary of nc blades, fixture manufacturing, machinery parts processing, such as CNC lathe regulation overhaul belongs to auxiliary process. In the processing process, large and medium-sized machinery parts production and processing in dalian way according to the order must be gradually changed MAO embryo appearance, specifications, features and relative parts, until it failed parts that part of the whole process is called mechanical processing process.

professional and technical personnel of large and medium-sized metal processing according to the standard and its worker quality goods, machinery and equipment, such as situation, choose in confirmation to process the craft process, write the content of the relevant process documents, the document said process specification. So that is good for processing technology personnel allocation, the technical specifications and manufacturing organization and coordination, have to processing the whole process of regionalization for different levels of the module. They are process, installation, fixture, machine tool coordinate system and feeding.

large and medium-sized metal processing at least process is foundation of the whole processing module. Whole process parts machining process by the number of technological process. In a process will include one or several installation, each 1 installation will include one or several jig, each one jig will include one or several machine tool coordinate system, each one machine tool coordinate system will contain one or several feeding.

forced vibrations of large and medium-sized metal processing, because processing system software the effect of external interference force regularity and cause vibrations. Mechanical parts processing and metal processing of forced vibration and forced vibration of mechanical equipment usually makes no difference, the forced vibration frequency and the frequency of the disturbing force or its same with number.

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