Mechanical parts processing suppliers through what technology to improve the quality of the parts processing?

by:NJPE     2021-01-29
Defective mechanical parts processing parts will affect your production plan, when you send components and wait for the new components to reduce speed. This is the right contract manufacturers to make efforts to reduce the number of defect parts you receive. Use higher quality parts processing scheme, and can be run as expected. In order to attract new customers and repeat customers. In addition, the higher value products allows you to distinguish with competitors. As mechanical parts processing suppliers through what technology to improve the quality of the parts processing? 1. Contain errors while supplier is committed to improvement of quality in the production of high quality OEM parts, but no one is perfect. Any industry is inevitable errors, but the key is to make sure they don't attract customers. Supplier before by including components to solve the problem. Metal parts processing and manufacturing may go wrong in many places. Therefore, appropriate suppliers in each stage of the manufacturing checkpoints. Workers overhaul parts, ensure that they conform to the specifications, and then sent to the next stop. 2. Use data to measure and improve the quality of your suppliers should collect data in each metal manufacturing stage. For example, workers based on their recent changes on parts processing records the key size of each parts. After welding industry, suppliers can directly measure the key weld size and ask whether conform to the specified value. Your supplier should not only record the data, and should keep the historical data and use it for process improvement, to improve the quality of the parts. In addition, you should always have access to supplier data. You can review of suppliers to ensure that it use the correct process. Just ask the data to see if your suppliers to meet the wrong. If your supplier is not willing to share with you the important information, it will be a danger signal. 3. To clarify you expect making process to promote the quality of the parts processing quality is very important. However, your metal manufacturers should also clearly understand your expectations. When your suppliers to start a project, it should be sent to you a testing tool, so that you can according to your standard manufacturing OEM parts. 4. Maintain effective process supplier once you have the correct process, you should continue to track them correctly. Contract manufacturer of factory workers in and out of the process, make it difficult to sustainability. When people leave when recruiting new employees and your suppliers, knowledge must be transferred from the employees to the employees. Your supplier need a process to deal with all things, including the education of new employees. If you know what you're looking for, you can walk into the supplier's shop, to see if it was focus on improve the quality of the methods. You should observe workers record information and keep the workstation order. Suitable suppliers to fully open its business. This transparency is used to verify that your suppliers is driven process, and do all it can to prevent defective OEM parts arrived at your factory.
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