Mechanical processing factory considerations when choosing numerical control system

by:NJPE     2020-07-13
Mechanical processing factory of choosing the numerical control system function applicability to the design of the nc machine tool selection is undoubtedly important restricted due to the rope. The first thing to consider is its ability to drive, different CNC supplier in the solution of the servo power range and motor are also different. Should first from the matching type of motor, power range for preliminary screening. Especially pay attention to the CNC machine does the solution include torque motor, linear motor, electric spindle to synchronous electric spindle or asynchronous electric spindle, the motor rated current demand and overload current demand, motorized spindle rotational speed requirements, etc. Five-axis machine tools need to be clear whether five-axis linkage or only requires five surface processing, the corresponding numerical control system function is also different. For five box processing, for example, generally do not need RTCP, choice is larger. At the same time of five axis function may involve numerical control system suppliers in an export license, such as after-sales service, also must be seriously considered. Mechanical processing factory of nc machine tools, especially most large, heavy duty nc machine tools are all closed loop and double drive demand. In full closed loop control scheme, the distance between grating encoding, ordinary incremental grating selection, numerical control system at the same time also to support the corresponding feedback signal access. Numerical control system networking support becomes the necessary condition of system integration and production to include a high degree of automation of production system of nc machine tools, must be clear numerical control system has the corresponding access solutions, including the dependence of the low-level input and output points of PLC built-in OPC server, direct access to the nc system open to the users according to the OPC standard CNC system internal data; In addition to the production system, automatic online detection of workpiece and cutting tool detection is also must support functions.
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