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by:NJPE     2020-02-14
When the mechanical processing factory is processing precision parts, the staff should be very careful and cautious. The dial indicator should be used to detect the cutting tools on the main shaft so as to control the static runout within 3μm, if necessary, re-clamp or replace the knife clamp system; Whether it is the parts processed for the first time or the parts processed periodically and repeatedly, the inspection and verification of the knife-by-knife and section-by-section procedures must be carried out according to the drawing process, procedures and tool adjustment cards before processing, especially for the tool length compensation and radius compensation in the program, try cutting when necessary. When the mechanical processing factory tries to cut in a single stage, the fast magnification switch must be placed in a lower gear; When each knife is used for the first time, it must first verify whether its actual length is consistent with the compensation value given; In the process of running the program, we should focus on several displays on the numerical control system. Coordinate display: you can know the position of the current tool movement point in the machine tool coordinate system and the workpiece coordinate system, and know the amount of movement in this program segment, how much remaining movement, etc; Register and buffer register display: it can be seen that each status instruction of the program segment being executed and the contents of the next program segment; Main program and subprogram Display: you can know the specific content of the program segment being executed. When the mechanical processing factory tries to cut the cutter, the cutter runs to the surface of the workpiece 30 ~ At, it is necessary to verify whether the remaining coordinate values of the coordinate axis and the coordinate values of X and y axes are consistent with the drawing under the condition of low speed feed; For some knives with test requirements, the 'gradual' method is adopted. The tool data using the tool radius compensation function can be modified from large to small while trying to cut. In the process of trial cutting and processing in the mechanical processing factory, after replacing the cutting tools and auxiliary tools, the length of the cutting tools must be re-measured and the compensation value and number of the cutting tools must be modified; When searching the program, attention should be paid to whether the position indicated by the cursor is reasonable and accurate, and whether the coordinates of the movement direction of the cutter and the machine tool are correct; After the program is modified, the modified part must be carefully calculated and carefully checked.
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