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by:NJPE     2020-01-13

The mechanical parts processing industry is the pillar industry of the national economy and has a very considerable prospect. When processing precision mechanical parts in mechanical processing plants, there are many requirements and regulations on processing technology to ensure the qualified rate of factory parts. Remove the jaw of the vice and process two M4 threaded holes.  The two pieces are flat with the jaw. 5mm steel plate 2, rivet with aluminum countersunk rivets with a thickness of 0. The 8mm hard brass plate 3 is fastened to the jaw with M4 countersunk screw 1 to form a durable soft jaw. This can also protect hardware parts from being clamped and interchangeability. For a workpiece to clamp and then position, because the workpiece will definitely be deformed during clamping, it should be clamped and then positioned.  For 6-point positioning, find the degree of freedom that limits it. When the handle of the Allen wrench is short and cannot exert itself, the pipe with an inner diameter slightly larger than the wrench can be inserted into the wrench from a milling groove, which can be used as a long handle. In the process of mechanical manufacturing, the errors mainly include spindle rotation error, guide rail error and transmission chain error. Spindle rotation error refers to the variation of the actual rotation axis relative to its average rotation axis at each moment of the spindle, which will directly affect the accuracy of the workpiece to be processed. The main causes of spindle rotation error include coaxiality error of spindle, error of bearing itself, coaxiality error between bearings, spindle winding, etc. The guide rail is the benchmark for determining the relative position relationship of each machine tool component on the machine tool, and is also the benchmark for the movement of the machine tool. Manufacturing Error of guide rail itself, uneven wear of guide rail and installation quality are important factors causing guide rail error. Transmission chain error refers to the relative motion error between the transmission components at the beginning and end of the transmission chain. It is caused by manufacturing and assembly errors of each component link in the transmission chain and wear during use. The experience of mechanical processing plants points out that any tool will inevitably wear during cutting, which will cause changes in the size and shape of the workpiece. The influence of tool geometry error on machining error varies with different types of tools: when using fixed-size tools for machining, the manufacturing error of tools will directly affect the machining accuracy of workpieces; However, for general cutting tools, their manufacturing errors have no direct influence on machining errors. The function of the fixture is to make the workpiece equivalent to the tool and the machine tool have the correct position, so the geometric error of the fixture is related to the machining error (Especially the position error)It has a great impact. The thermal deformation of the process system has a great influence on the precision machining error, especially in precision machining and large-scale machining, the precision machining error caused by thermal deformation can sometimes account for 50% of the total error of the workpiece.
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