Mechanical processing method

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precision machining means according to the dimension of the industrial equipment for steel or features in the whole process of change, what are the mechanical processing way? Below together to see see!

a: rapid prototyping technology, that is to say, a 3 d copy of technical

this kind of technology in today's processing industry is the new production and processing technology, only must you always in front of the computer to carry out the program to write, then install good raw materials, copy machine will automatic work, always to the goods. Advantage is goods to more than one hundred percent of the usage, called the green manufacturing, defects are relatively expensive, with the device itself raw material itself also has diversity, and do not necessarily metal materials can be used to as a copy of the raw materials, and the present stage plastic with more.

2: numerical control lathe processing manufacture

is for the CNC lathe CAM, Cad and other production and processing mobile phone software to carry out the production processing, programming, want you to carry out production and processing, feeding, or must one side to see, but the level of automation technology or higher.

3: intelligent robot production and processing manufacturing

intelligent robot industry has very good market prospect in the future, if you can do a good job is very interested, but the present stage of technical production and processing, mechanical arm until that is repeated in a mechanical arm to put it bluntly, the several different mechanical arm connected production processing order is a production and processing of the management system in detail, at present this kind of way is very powerful.

4: aided design production and processing

the advent of electronic computers for people's crafts processing towards mechanical processing is a great push. The applications of the electronic computer to mechanical processing, is able to ease the funding. Improved the precision of the production and processing, still have a lot of development trend of market prospect.

5:3 d mobile software virtual manufacturing

there are many 3 d software in actual, you apply them well, I can in the computer up and handing the goods you have to draw out, in carry out simulation analysis, fitness, drilling, production and processing and so on, especially in is in for some hardware machinery spare parts spare parts very small words can not establish drilling, production, processing and manufacturing, according to the 3 d software will first only after the production and processing and the specific situation of the production and processing after fitness movement simulation security do well after, can use special instruments and equipment for making production and processing.


说白了智能制造系统是这种由智能化设备和人们权威专家相互构成的人机对战集成化智能控制系统它在生产制造全过程里能开展诸如此类剖析、逻辑推理、分辨、设计构思和管理决策等智能化主题活动。 与传统式的生产制造系统软件对比智能制造系统有下列特点:1自我约束工作能力2人机对战集成化3灵镜技术性4自组织协调能力与超刚性5自学能力和自身提升工作能力6自身修补工作能力与强劲的适应能力。

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