Mechanical processing plant for processing the attention points in the process of precision parts

by:NJPE     2020-07-02
Machinery processing precision parts processing, as a staff have to be very careful, cautious, application of dial gauge on the spindle tool, makes the static control within the 3 microns, the clamping again as needed or replace tool holder system; First processing of parts, or cyclical repeat precision machining parts, must be in accordance with the drawings before processing technology, application and card, the adjustment of cutting tool to check line by knife, the piecewise procedure, especially for the tool length compensation and radius compensation in the program, do try to cut when necessary. Mechanical processing factory when single period of trial cut, rapidly multiplying power switch must be placed in a relatively low; Every knife is used for the first time, you must first verify that it's actual length is consistent with the compensation values are given; In the program is running, should be displayed on several key observation nc system. Coordinate display: to understand the current tool motion point position in machine coordinate system and the workpiece coordinate system, understand the process of exercise, how much is left physiological load of exercise, etc. ; Registers and buffer register shows: can see executing status under the instructions and procedures section a section of the content of the program; The main program and subroutine show: can understand is executing the specific content of the procedures section. Mechanical processing factory try cutting feed, the cutting tool run to 30 ~ 50 mm, surface have to maintain, low speed feed validation surplus axes coordinate values and X, Y coordinates and pattern are consistent; Try to some requirements of the knives, adopt the method of 'progressive'. Use the cutter radius compensation function of tool data, from big to small, try edge trimming modification. Machinery factory try cutting and processing, the replacement of cutting tools, auxiliary equipment, must measure tool length and modify the good cutting tool compensation value and tool compensation; Procedures referred to in retrieval should be paid attention to when the cursor position whether reasonable, accurate, and observe the cutting tool and machine tool movement direction coordinates is correct; After program modification, to modify the part must be carefully calculated and should be carefully checked.
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