Mechanical processing steps of certain defined in detail!

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Mechanical processing steps of certain defined in detail! Release date: 2019 05 - 24 17:42:22

in metal processing in the industry in the new Chinese style is very famous of the machining process. For this kind of machinery processing, involves many professional ability, what if I don't know the name of the definition, I also can't very well to carry out the production process of actual operation. To moderate learning training, therefore, some definitions about city mechanical processing steps for people's metal processing is a pretty big benefits. As a result, people learn to training today some definitions about city mechanical processing steps in detail.

the manufacture of the metal processing of different species, its process and production organization, production of numerical control lathe workshop layout, selection of hair embryo production mode, the processing technology of weapons and equipment, ways of production and processing and the master of the worker, often have very big different, therefore in making the processing line must establish the manufacture of the goods from the species.

a lot of definition

1, the machining process, from raw materials or semi-finished products processing to finished products manufactured out of each related workers call processing factory of the total number of the whole process of machining process.

the contents of each commodity processing are:

1) Production preparation work: such as personnel allocation process documents, special overalls and machinery and equipment design and manufacturing, etc. ;

2) Goods assembly and adjustment, characteristics in the experiment and the packaging of goods, shipment, etc.

3) Manufacture of hair embryo,

4) Parts of hardware processing and the processing of quenched and tempered;

5) Raw materials ( Or semi-finished products processing, electronic components, standard parts, special tools, overalls, machinery and equipment), The purchase, transport, testing, storage; Remind:

city hardware processing so by many processing plant or plant a lot of the production workshop together, which are beneficial to the systematic production and manufacturing, improve productivity, ensure product quality, reduce cost cost.

2, processing technology, the whole process: all changes immediately in the process of precision machining manufacturing specifications, appearance and characteristics of the constructor ( Contains the process performance, organic chemistry, physical properties, etc. ) And its relative position correlation process, known as processing process.

processing technique and whole process can be divided into forging, forging, stamping mold, welding welding, metal processing, processing technology, such as an assembly line process, this course contents only mechanical processing the whole process of scientific research process and assembly process; Forging, forging, stamping mold, welding processing techniques such as welding, quenched and tempered process is the curriculum content of raw material forming technical science constructor.

in mechanical processing process

define: immediately change hair embryo in metal processing way appearance, specifications and physical properties, etc. , into the whole process of the failed parts and mechanical processing process called, nickname processing lines or production process.

in metal processing is commonly used in metal processing and manufacturing industry, but for at least the processing technology of regulation is very strict, because of its spare parts production and processing are key components of some large and medium-sized equipment, it or have fewer problems are running a lot of damage to equipment.

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