Mechanical processing, understand machining material properties have?

by:NJPE     2021-01-29
1: which included the physical properties of the metal? A: including density, melting point, thermal expansion, conductivity and thermal conductivity. 2: what is melting point? A: is the temperature at which the metal by the solid into a liquid. 3: what is chemical properties of the metal? A: refers to metal materials at room temperature or high temperature resistance to its surrounding chemical medium for its ability to erosion. 4: chemical properties including what? A: including oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance. 5: what is the oxidation resistance? A: under room temperature or high temperature anti-oxidation ability. 6: what is corrosion resistance? A: materials such as water vapor corrosion resistance at high temperature. 7: what is the mechanical performance? A: the ability to metal material to resist external force. 8: mechanical properties include what? A: including strength, hardness, plasticity, toughness, fatigue strength, etc. 9: what is the deformation? A: refers to the metal materials under the action of external force changes in shape and size. 10: what kinds of deformation of metal materials can be divided into? A: can be divided into the tensile, compression, bending, distortion and shear. 11: what is the elastic limit? A: refers to the material in the elastic stage are the most energetically. 12: what is the yield strength? A: the point at which the phenomenon in the event of a material can can withstand maximum stress. 13: what call tensile strength? A: refers to the material before snap can withstand the maximum stress. 14: what is plastic? A: refers to the nature of the materials prone to deformation without fracture. 15: what is the hardness of materials? A: refers to the material's ability to fight other objects into the surface. 16: what kind of expression method of hardness are there? A: there are brinell, rockwell, vickers hardness. 17: what call process performance of metal material? A: refers to the performance of the metal material is easy to processing molding. 18: process performance including of metal? A: including casting, welding, forging, cutting and heat treatment. 19: what is alloy steel? A: on the basis of the carbon steel to improve steel to want to join some certain mechanical properties of alloy element in steel. Which a few kinds 20: alloy steel can be divided into? A: can be divided into the alloy structural steel, alloy tool steel and special use steel. 21: what is a cast iron? Answer: the carbon content is greater than 2. 11% of the iron carbon alloy cast iron. 22: cast iron can be divided into which a few kinds? A: white cast iron, grey cast iron, nodular cast iron, alloy cast iron, malleable iron 23: what are the simple identification method of steel? A: spark identification method, the fracture identification method, color logo identification method. 24: alloy structures have? Answer: the solid solution, metal compounds, mechanical mixture. Which a few kinds 25: aluminum alloy points? A: can be divided into deformation aluminium and aluminium alloy foundry. 26: which a few kinds of copper alloy points? A: can be divided into bronze, copper, brass.
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