Mechanical processing units in the problem?

by:NJPE     2020-07-10
Mechanical processing units in the problem? Release date: 2019 05 - 26 19:24:00

unit problem in precision machining

recently met some units in the mechanical installation doubt

1, silk, m or what refers to silk, wire 1 mm = 10 meters but from the site of how many people speak out silk silk feels like CMM

2, M6, we head shaft can have M6 deviation, the M6 is what mean?

3, way, at first thought that the tao is the minimum scale on the vernier caliper 50 = 1 mm, but sometimes like 100 = 1 mm

these general verbal unit is what mean?

1。 Silk, is the mechanical processing of 0. 01 mm commonly known as. Learning to say is 'CMM. 1 mm wire = 10 m = 100 CMM.

2。 Capital of the M6, hole using a interference fit tolerance and tolerance grade. And on the shaft, it should be lowercase m6. Said level 6, tolerance is the tolerance level for numeric value corresponding to a category of m value, the axis of the interference fit. M6 level of tolerance of the specific value can be gained through checking tolerance matching table.

3。 That is also to 0 in the mechanical processing. Commonly known as 01 mm, like the 'silk'.

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