Milling planer type, performance characteristics and safety operation procedures

by:NJPE     2020-06-22
Gantry milling machine, it is a kind of the large workpiece can be flat and slope processing machinery and equipment, suitable for the batch and mass production, can also be referred to as milling machine, it has a door frame and long horizontal lathe bed, high precision machining accuracy, and the production efficiency is high. On the nc milling planer, can also to space or some special parts of surface processing, is used quite a lot. 1. And the difference between a double housing planer milling planer's appearance is similar to the double housing planer, beams and columns jacket of difference is that it is not the cutter head but with spindle box of milling cutter frame, and vertical milling planer workbench reciprocating motion is not the main movement, but the feed movement, and the rotary motion of the milling cutter is the main movement. 2. Types according to whether the gantry, gantry fixed worktable mobile and longmen mobile ( Also called bridge) 。 The characteristics of the bridge type milling machine is cover an area of an area small, large carrying capacity, gantry can travel 20 meters, facilitate processing specialty or heavy artifacts; Exercise, according to the beam is in the column is divided into fixed beam and determinate beam type two kinds; Beam in the elevated bed body movement known as overhead. 3. Performance characteristics, 1) Gantry milling machine has enough rigidity, high efficiency, easy operation, simple structure, comprehensive performance, etc, specific characteristics are as follows: ( 2) Vertical milling head configuration TX400 heavy-duty gantry milling head, double rectangular guideway, strong rigidity. ( 3) Milling head ball screw, pneumatic broach device, servo motor drive. ( 4) Side milling head configuration V5 type gantry milling head, equipped with independent lubrication device, lift by ordinary speed reducer drive, frequency conversion speed regulation. ( 5) PuXi/CNC milling one-click switching three axis CNC system, programming and using extended to operate panel manual operation, in the actual precision machining process of implementation. ( 6) Lathe bed and, under the cross beam, vertical milling head up and down with Taiwan, ball screw, driven by servo motor. ( 7) Three axis handheld electronic hand wheel unit, convenient to knife. ( 8) Unique beam lifting safety interlocks, guarantee the repositioning precision of the machine tool. ( 9) Sticker cycloidal pump group of continuous lubrication, low failure rate. 4. Safety operation procedures ( 1) Work with a clamp, screw or special tool clamping. Use wrench generally is allowed to add sleeve to avoid slippage cuts. ( 2) Cutting tools must be clipped on, otherwise you are not allowed to drive to work. ( 3) Before work, want to check the operation condition of transmission machine parts, and damper installed machine tools, to operate. ( 4) Milling various artifacts, especially when the rough milling, start cutting should be slow. ( 5) When moving workbench and tool rest, should first loosen the set screw. ( 6) Should be used when loading and unloading tools, copper hammer or tap mallet, prevent tool debris flying out of cuts. ( 7) In cutting, are not allowed to change and adjust the knives, no touch with hands or measuring artifacts. ( Figure/http://www. wxdtc。 com/)
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