NJPE baby car injection mold processing, far ahead in the industry

by:NJPE     2020-02-10
Looking at the development of the baby carriage industry in recent years, the baby carriage industry is in a period of vigorous development. The continuous expansion of market demand is bound to have higher requirements for molds. Only molds with higher quality and shorter production cycle can become the leader in the market, NJPE, as an expert in baby carriage injection molding, is a leader in the industry in terms of quality and delivery. How does NJPE realize the efficient processing of baby carriage injection mold? Let's look at it together. Because the baby carriage injection mold involves the processing of the original body template, the processing capacity of the parts is large and the characteristics are complex, so the processing cycle is long, so how to realize the processing efficiency of such original body template by optimizing the processing technology, it is an important focus to improve the competitiveness of mold enterprises; NJPE mold manufacturing department has accumulated experience in processing baby carriage injection molds for many times, continuous optimization is carried out in the aspects of CNC machining, clamping, roughening, semi-precision, finishing, angle clearing, hole and groove processing, tool selection, processing strategy, etc, accumulated a complete set of solutions for precision mold processing of such parts. First of all, in the aspect of clamping, the number of clamping times is reduced through special fixture or clamping process optimization, and multiple Feature processing is realized as much as possible in one clamping; Secondly, in the aspect of roughing, through the setting of roughing tolerance, the removal of unsafe sections and the setting of contour smoothing parameters, the smooth and efficient roughing machining can be realized, and the maximum machining of shorter tools can be realized through the setting of automatic inspection function, improve the overall opening efficiency; Once again, in the aspect of semi-precision and finish machining, due to the large weight of parts, it is necessary to combine the structural characteristics of each axis of the machine tool, and when selecting the direction of semi-precision and finish machining, try to avoid frequent movement of parts and worktables, so as to ensure stable processing precision and improve processing efficiency; Finally, in terms of tool selection, the side with draft angle is processed, and the R-angle end milling cutter with larger R angle is selected as far as possible, so that the precision mold processing can be improved by increasing the cutting step distance. To sum up, improving the processing quality and efficiency of mold parts is not a single factor that can play a decisive role, and often requires a perfect process system to support it. As a precision mold processing factory, NJPE has the advantage of first-class hardware equipment. In the process of baby carriage injection mold, NJPE has a unique processing scheme, which shortens the production cycle of products by 50% and is far ahead in the industry, win for customers, 'perfect quality' and 'ultra short delivery '! We look forward to your call: or click on the right side of the consultation online customer service! Enter NJPE official website https://www . njprecisionengineering. Com/learn more. NJPE master the core technology of efficient machining tools to realize precision mold machining NJPE realize EDM automatic programming
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