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by:NJPE     2020-02-11
In recent years, the intelligent household appliance industry, electronics, medical device industry, instrumentation, aerospace, rail transit and other industries continue to develop and progress, and the demand for moulds in these fields in the international market and the domestic market is also gradually increasing, however, these fields have very high requirements on the size, precision and service life of mold manufacturing. Most domestic mold enterprises belong to small and medium-sized mold enterprises, while the high-end Mold market has a large gap, however, a precision mold processing factory with rich design and manufacturing experience is very much expected by the current market. Mold manufacturing and processing enterprises in the mold industry at home and abroad are also competing to develop into the high-end Mold market. How can they achieve 'precision machining '? The first step of transformation and breakthrough is to update a batch of advanced precision machining equipment, the advanced equipment of precision mold processing industry mainly includes CNC high-speed machining center, CNC five-axis machining center, CNC gantry machining center, machine tool equipment, etc, the excellent brands of these machines mainly include GF, HAAS, MAZAK, OKUMA, TOSHIBA and so on. Only advanced high-precision processing equipment can realize strict control of dimensional tolerance of precision injection mold processing, and the equipment has higher dynamic performance, better rigidity, stability and reliability, combined with the matching networked control system, the processing can be fully automated. And 'mold intelligent manufacturing' will also become the development direction of the mold market in the future. Only fully automated and intelligent processing can realize fast and economical high-quality molds. NJPE has the technology and equipment of a complete set of solutions for precision injection molding and precision stamping products, providing one-stop services for customer product projects. More than 200 sets of large-scale and precision imported equipment, mainly 'Makino and Mitsubishi', can ensure 0. 5% in a constant temperature and humidity environment. The machining accuracy of helps customers achieve 'perfect quality '. Advanced CAE/CAD/CAM technology and advanced ERP system are applied to realize the information management of the whole production process and help customers realize 'ultra-short delivery period '. You are welcome to call or consult the online customer service on the right, NJPE-To provide you with the solution to the mold product project! Enter NJPE official website https://www . njprecisionengineering. Com/learn more. The world's precision mould center has turned to China, and its comprehensive strength needs to be improved. NJPE top 500 automobile mould enterprises are preferred: ultra-short delivery period, perfect quality
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