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by:NJPE     2020-02-09
NJPE precision mold manufacturers focus on precision injection molds, sheet metal stamping molds, precision stamping molds, precision parts processing and manufacturing, with 30 years of mold technology precipitation, serving large enterprises at home and abroad, covering automobiles, in the baby carriage, office and home appliance industries, the following shows you how NJPE molds can solve problems for customers by optimizing and improving the panel products of the electric heater project in the home appliance mold industry. Home appliance injection mold- The electric heater project is a brand-new high-end electric heater newly developed by Gree Electric Appliance. The panel product is one of the largest appearance parts. This sheet metal part uses 0. 8mm thick stainless steel and the product bends a large arc, how to ensure the molding characteristics of the product, that is, reasonable size, is a challenge to NJPE mold: 0. 8mm stainless steel is a medium-thickness material. The large arc formed by this material has a large rebound and is difficult to control. Facing the challenge, NJPE mould not only ensures the reasonable state after the rebound of the product, but also ensures the stability of the mould molding and reduces the number of mold modification by adjusting the molding process and mold structure of the product, at the same time, it also guarantees the quality of the products; Truly realize high-efficiency, high-precision and high-quality molds: 1. Improve product production safety and product efficiency; 2. Improve product quality and customer satisfaction; 3. Improving the mold structure can ensure the service life of the mold and reduce the number of mold repair times; 4. Adjusting the molding process and mold structure can ensure that the appearance and size of stainless steel products can be controlled. NJPE precision mould unswervingly takes exceeding customers' expectation as its business goal and strives to create a world-class mould enterprise. We have the technology and equipment for the complete solution of sheet metal stamping die and precision injection mold products, provide one-stop service for customers' products, optimize products for customers free of charge, save mold manufacturing costs for customers, improve mold production efficiency, and realize perfect quality and ultra-short delivery time. If you are interested in or have questions about NJPE's home appliance injection mold products, please click on the online customer service or toll-free number on the right side of the page for consultation. We are very happy to serve you. Enter NJPE official website https://www . njprecisionengineering. Com/learn more. Reasonable optimization of mold structure makes it no longer difficult to save product cost. NJPE precision mold manufacturers are everywhere and keep improving!
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