NJPE precision mold manufacturing ultra-short delivery period, have you ever heard of it?

by:NJPE     2020-02-09
Traditional precision mould manufacturing belongs to resource-oriented engineering order-type single-piece production mode, which organizes production completely according to customers' orders. The randomness of orders and the dependence of production experience lead to the mould production process, the process time is difficult to be effectively controlled, and the problem of delay in delivery time also arises. How does NJPE achieve ultra-short delivery time for mold manufacturing and complete delivery beyond the customer's imagination? NJPE mould is an information system with ERP as its core, which realizes systematic management of the whole process from order to shipment and ensures the orderly development of production plans. NJPE mould ERP production management system has been imported since the end of 2009, and the systematic management of all business of the company will be realized in 2011, including business, engineering, technology, procurement, process, programming, planning, outsourcing, processing, quality inspection, assembly, mold testing, warehouse, shipment, cost, etc. Non-production units execute the process through the system, production units collect data through terminal bar code scanning, implement advanced scheduling of production plan through advanced scheduling system, and push the scheduling of production backward around the delivery date of customers, on the premise of ensuring the delivery date of customers, realize the effective utilization of equipment resources, orderly development of various production preparations, early warning of production capacity, and reasonable planning of process outsourcing plans, the whole plan management has evolved from the original human intervention to intelligent management such as automatic production scheduling and early warning. Shorten the customer delivery time or exceed the customer delivery time from the production management level to win the recognition of customers. NJPE mould is a powerful precision mould manufacturer in China. We strive to achieve 'perfect quality' and 'ultra-short delivery period' only to win greater benefits for you! We look forward to your call :! Or click on the right side of the consultation online customer service! Enter NJPE official website https://www . njprecisionengineering. Com/learn more. NJPE 30 years of precision injection mold technology precipitation, to provide you with free products to optimize NJPE, focus on the achievement of quality, professional casting brilliant
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