NJPE Precision Mold market 'super technician'

by:NJPE     2020-02-11
The processing mode of moulds should be constantly innovated and changed with the trend of the market. The traditional production mode of ideas cannot adapt to the current market. For mould manufacturing industry, the important thing is the foundation of technology, behind the mature production process, all aspects of support are needed. With the support of high technology in the future, the mold production technology will continue to surpass. NJPE mold is tireless in improving the process. If you don't believe it, look. D150406 upper splint 1/2 has a total of 572 round punch fixing holes, fixing hole aperture tolerance-0. 01, position accuracy-0. 01, the requirements are very high, and all the apertures are guaranteed to be kept in the same tolerance and height difference after processing. If the traditional process is adopted and the WEDM process is used for processing, the processing time under accounting needs about 300 H, the manufacturing cost is too high. Now through technological innovation, the precision of the upper splint and the boring tool specification are finished by cnc4. (1) When roughening, according to the size of the aperture, the Taiwan machine uses a similar drill bit to pre-drill, and semi-finish machining leaves 0. 5 MM. (2) After the thickness is finely ground, after the CNC4 is semi-finished, the boring tool is used to process the number. The middle is processed by a special CAM and an operator. The precision is specified. After processing a part of the hole, the stop gauge is used for detection, know the boring tool situation in time to ensure the quality. Finally, the processing cost is saved: the original WEDM cost is about 26000RMB, and now the total processing cost of CNC4 is about 8500RMB, with a total saving of 17500RMB, which sets a precedent for subsequent porous precision processing of sheet metal, accumulates experience and accumulates technological innovation. NJPE- World-class precision mold manufacturers, if you are interested in our medical equipment mold products, please click on our online customer service, welcome your call to inquire :! NJPE- Advanced equipment and micron-level precision control make customers' products 'meticulous '. Enter NJPE official website https://www . njprecisionengineering. Com/learn more. Choose NJPE mold, delivery time is no longer afraid of NJPE precision mold efficient processing, you have to understand the secret
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