NJPE precision mould, boosting industry' China Dream' with precision'

by:NJPE     2020-02-10
Stamping dies, plastic dies, casting dies, etc. all belong to automobile precision dies, of which stamping dies account for a relatively heavy proportion, about 40%. However, among the stamping dies, the automobile panel dies dominate. Therefore, the 'automobile precision dies' commonly referred to refer specifically to 'automobile stamping dies' or 'automobile panel dies '. Large size, complex working surface and high technical standards are the characteristics of automobile panel dies. Automobile panel dies are technology-intensive products. As for the classification of automobile panel dies, they can be divided into outer panel dies, inner panel dies and structural member dies according to the types of automobile panel dies. Automobile panel mould is an important process equipment for automobile body production. Its design and manufacturing time account for about 2/3 of the automobile development cycle, which is the main restriction factor for automobile changing. More than 90% of the parts in automobile production need to rely on mold forming. In the United States, Japan and other developed countries of automobile manufacturing industry, more than 40% of the products in the mold industry are Automobile molds, while only about 1/3 of the mold products in China serve the automobile manufacturing industry. Therefore, the automobile mold is known as the 'mother of the automobile industry '. As of the end of the last century, domestic automobile mold enterprises mainly produced trucks, agricultural vehicle body molds and car structural parts molds. With the rapid development of the automobile industry, the overall strength of China's automobile mold industry has reached a new level. In recent years, with the improvement of the comprehensive strength of China's automobile mold enterprises, the number of enterprises capable of manufacturing major covering molds such as car fenders, overall side panels, four doors and three covers, and large complex floors is increasing, the level, quality and grade of mold products in China have been significantly improved. NJPE- The domestic leading automobile stamping die processing factory has advanced equipment capability, innovative research and development strength, strong financial strength and strong production capacity. Want to know we can call the cooperation hotline:, or click on the precision mold online customer service consultation! Enter NJPE official website https://www . njprecisionengineering. Com/learn more. Why does Gree Electric Appliance customize precision molds only love njpe njpe precision mold manufacturing to connect with the Internet and expand sales channels
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