Numerical control technology of tube plate edge

by:NJPE     2020-07-09
Numerical control technology is closely integrated with the machine tool control and developed a kind of automatic control technology, is to use digital information to realize the machine tool control. Nc machine tools are designed to solve complex, precision, small batch and changeful parts processing automation requirements. Numerical control technology is according to drawings and technical requirements of processed spares, into a digital representation of the program, input to the machine tool numerical control system, to control the relative motion of the cutting tool and the workpiece, thus machining method of processing of qualified parts. Nc machine tool by the CNC equipment, machine tools as the core of ontology additional information input, servo, driving device, such as tube sheet processed with its advantage lies in: 1. Extensive adaptability and flexibility, can be processing different batches of tube plate; 2. According to the process of preprogrammed precision machining tube sheet, tube sheet of good consistency and high repeat precision; 3. Itself machine tool rigidity, high precision and good stability, is advantageous to the processing quality long-term stability. 4. Automation, high efficiency, suitable for processing thick heavy tube plate. Our company is a professional production and processing all kinds of tube plate industry type company, from the purpose of the product, has the pressure container tube plate, plate heat exchanger pipe, boiler tube plate; From the material of products, a stainless steel tube, carbon steel pipe plate and pipe plate, etc. My company all adopt CNC precision machining pipe plate technology, now has six sets of tubesheet gantry precision machining center, a clamping workpiece for milling, boring, drilling, tapping and other processes processing, can better guarantee the perpendicularity of the tubesheet, pipe hole roughness and diameter tolerance requirements.
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