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by:NJPE     2020-02-18
Planer, which is a kind of machine tool and is a linear motion, can be processed, but because of its low productivity, it is only suitable for single-piece or small-batch production and processing. In mass production, generally, milling machines are used instead of planers. Planers can be mainly divided into shapers, gantry planers, single-arm planers and specialized planers. 1. Single-arm Planer single-arm planer has a single column and cantilever, and the Workbench reciprocates longitudinally along the guide rail of the lathe bed, which is mostly used for processing workpieces with large width but not requiring processing on the whole width. 2. The bull head planer is named after the shape of the Ram and the tool holder. The planer is mounted on the tool holder of the Ram for longitudinal reciprocating motion, and is used for cutting various planes and grooves, it is suitable for planing small and medium-sized parts with a length not exceeding 1000mm. The shaper is characterized by convenient adjustment, but because it is single-edge cutting, low cutting speed and does not work during return, the production efficiency is low, and it is suitable for single-piece small batch production. Planing accuracy is generally IT9-IT7, surface roughness Ra value is 6. 3-3. 2um, the main parameter of shaper is the maximum planing length. 3. Gantry Planer gantry planer is named for its gantry frame structure composed of top beam and upright post. The Workbench carries the workpiece through the gantry frame for linear reciprocating motion, which is mostly used for processing large planes (Especially the long and narrow plane) It is also used to process grooves or planes of several small and medium-sized parts at the same time. Large gantry planer is often attached with milling head, grinding head and other parts, so that the workpiece can be planed, milled and polished after one installation. The gantry Planer mainly processes large workpieces or multiple workpieces at the same time. Compared with the shaper, from the structural point of view, its shape is large, the structure is complex, and the rigidity is good. From the motion of the machine tool, the main motion of the gantry planer is the linear reciprocating motion of the workbench, the feed motion is the horizontal or vertical intermittent motion of the planer, which is just opposite to the motion of the shaper. The gantry planer is driven by a DC motor and can be used for stepless speed regulation with stable movement. The gantry planer is mainly used to process large planes, especially long and narrow planes. Generally, the width of workpieces that can be planed is 1 meter and the length is more than 3 meters. Unless noted, the article is original for Tiecheng mechanical CNC planer, welcome to reprint! Please indicate the address of this article, thank you. Source: http://www . wxdtc. com/
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