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by:NJPE     2020-01-14

The structure and selection of CNC milling machine is the main content to be introduced in this article today and is also one of its basic contents, so we should master it well so as to better use CNC milling machine. 1. The structure of CNC milling machine CNC milling machine is generally composed of CNC system, main transmission system, feed servo system, cooling lubrication system and other major systems. (1) The spindle box mainly includes the spindle box and the spindle transmission system, which is used to clamp the cutter and can drive the cutter to rotate. (2) Spindle part is one of the important parts of CNC milling machine.  Its precision, vibration resistance and thermal deformation will affect the machining quality of milling machine. The main shaft is generally a hollow shaft, the front end is a taper hole, and the back end is equipped with an automatic tool clamping mechanism, which is mainly used for tool clamping. In high speed occasions, circulating lubrication system is generally adopted. (3) The feed servo system consists of a feed motor and a feed actuator.  According to the set feed speed, the relative motion between the tool and the workpiece can be realized, including linear feed motion and rotary motion. (4) The control system is the center of the motion control of the numerical control milling machine.  It mainly executes the numerical control precision machining program to control the milling machine to process. (5) Auxiliary devices include hydraulic, pneumatic, lubrication, cooling system, chip removal, protection and other devices. (6) The basic parts of the machine tool usually refer to the base, column, beam, etc.  of the machine tool, which is the foundation and framework of the whole machine tool. 2. Selection of CNC milling machine (1) The CNC milling machine with smaller size is suitable for the processing of small and medium-sized parts and the contour milling of complex surfaces; The CNC milling machine with larger specifications is suitable for processing large-sized complex parts. (2) Precision requirements the precision standard of CNC milling machine has been formulated, which is: the positioning accuracy of linear motion coordinates is 0. 04/300, repeated positioning accuracy is 0. 025mm, milling precision is 0. 035mm. (3) Processing characteristics according to different processing parts, we can choose different CNC milling machines, or according to the requirements of parts processing, we can add some devices to the general CNC milling machine to meet the processing requirements. (Figure/text http://www . wxdtc. com /)
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