Parts industry present situation and development trend of domestic machinery industry is what?

by:NJPE     2020-06-30
What is the status of domestic sewing machinery parts and components industry? The development trend of the future? These are the investors concern, is also the enterprise leaders are concerned. Small make up today have collected some information from the Internet for everyone to answer, the hope can give some help and guidance, for reference only! According to statistics, the enterprises involved in the field of mechanical processing mainly include: automobile, electric tools, medical machinery, military industry, textile machinery, and other fields of parts and components manufacturing. Industry present situation and development trend is: the domestic sewing machine parts industry at present a total of more than 1200 parts. Among them, zhejiang is the most concentrated areas, parts enterprises at present there are more than 600 parts production enterprises, accounting for 50% of the total national components company. Is sewing machinery parts and components in China's second largest production areas in jiangsu province, there are nearly 400 parts enterprises, accounts for the total of 33 parts enterprises. 3%. Around northern parts enterprises are mainly distributed in the Beijing and tianjin and hebei qingxian county, changli, etc, about more than 200 parts production enterprises, sewing machinery parts and components in the country's third largest production areas in China. In domestic demand, the international environment of weak demand, sewing machinery industry as a whole presents the trends of year-on-year decline in the value, the number of parts enterprises order. In response to the rising cost of mechanic difficult to recruit and, by conducting different levels of related equipment and parts enterprises technology innovation, to improve enterprise's production efficiency. Through continuous investment and transformation, the enterprise generally improve the overall equipment level and automation degree. According to sewing machinery association for 42 parts industry enterprise research statistics show that more than 42 size sewing machinery parts and components industry enterprises in 2011 to carry out the equipment updating and transformation ratio of 98%, the equipment update, total investment amount reached 90 million yuan, increased by about 25%, enterprises CNC equipment accounted for an average of 25 of the total number of processing equipment. 1%, year-on-year increase of 10%. These shows, in the current profits falling, the cost is high, to the management to benefit has been the enterprise attaches great importance to. Although parts industry overall economic level to drop, as well as the whole enterprise but also appeared polarization characteristics, the stronger, the strong industry resources further concentrated to advantage enterprises, key enterprises of production and sales fell much less than the industry average drop, some enterprises also grow. At the same time, small and medium-sized enterprise operating pressure. Because in the past two years market capacity back relative lag, faster recovery and parts spare parts as industry obtained the whole enterprise attaches great importance to the shortage of resources, who mastered the parts and components, who have the initiative of market development. Therefore, although the current industry downturn, but considering the future development, the whole machine companies to strengthen the maintenance and construction supply chain, enhance the strategic coordination of zero. On parts enterprises in order to overcome the industry economic fluctuations of risk and impact the production and business operation, giving full play to the advantages of equipment, parts enterprises in recent years, began to diversification of related mechanical parts processing industry to expand. Unless noted, the article is the original machinery factory, welcome reproduced! Reprint please indicate the address, thank you. Article source: http://www. wxdtc。 com/
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