Personal protective equipment and operating large mechanical processing requirements

by:NJPE     2020-07-07
Large mechanical processing before work wear protective equipment should be prohibited to wear gloves and scarves, in the process of work before the machine start must know the purpose of the handle or operating methods, effective check each part of the machine tool operation is normal. Large mechanical processing must be used before the machine to start the wrench clamping tool and the workpiece, without guidance personnel allows not to start the machine, the machine to start the former do not allow the speed change, sweep or measurements etc, are not allowed to touch the running parts, machine tools, such as a foreign body found or scraps are not allowed to use the hand to pick up or blow with the mouth. Large mechanical processing in after the completion of the operation, need timely cleaning tools and cleaning the machine work place, don't at work to machine tool, cutting tool, workpiece, and other objects on the workbench face, in the work are not allowed to use hand to touch the cutting tool, workpiece and other moving parts, no body will depend on the machine so as not to cause other accidents. Large mechanical processing in two people at the same time operating a machine, need to have a clear division of responsibilities and closely cooperate, blackouts or leaving the machine, shut off the machine first and to avoid an accident. In the process of production, those with raw materials into a product is directly related to the process is called process. It includes blank parts manufacturing, machining, heat treatment, quality inspection, and machine assembly. And in order to ensure the normal process required for tooling, fixture manufacturing, machine tool maintenance belong to assist process adjustment. In the process of technology, dalian heavy machinery parts processing method in a certain order gradually change the blank shape, size, position and performance, etc. , and become qualified parts of that part of the process is called the precision machining process.
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