Planer processing code, do you understand know?

by:NJPE     2020-06-30
Planer processing code is an important content of the processing process, also is the basis and standard of processing, it including what? Therefore, small make up to find some information from the Internet, is introduced after all, makes users can have a good command in this aspect, added some professional knowledge, if there are places introduce is not complete, please readers understanding. 1. Requirements to planer engineering quality, security, professional and technical training of knowledge and relevant quality system documents, planer workers have corresponding ability. 2. Equipment and tools and tool includes planer, planer knives, vise, height plate, steel rule, depth gauge, steel ruler, wrench, vernier caliper, file, etc. 3. The preparatory work, 1) Very familiar with drawings and technical requirements, understand the technical requirements and technical process. ( 2) The planing tool should be ready, reasonably choose planing dosage. 4. Workpiece clamping ( 1) Ensure parallel-jaw vice on the work table is in the correct position, when necessary, can be find is with a dial indicator. ( 2) Under the artifacts to mat placed parallel shim, appropriate to thickness, when clamping workpiece should be tightly against the parallel shim. ( 3) If the ends of the workpiece will be higher than or jaw, pay attention to the above amount or quantity cannot too much, so as not to affect the reliability of the workpiece clamping. ( 4) For more than a line blank for processing at the same time, must, in accordance with various pieces of processing line alignment, and in the same plane. ( 5) Planer workbench if you want to clip with higher artifacts, plus auxiliary supporting, consolidate clip with strong sex. ( 6) Heavy and narrow workpieces on gantry planer, and focuses on processing to the side, should as far as possible the workpiece processing or add weight at the same time. ( 7) Workpiece clamping, use a little drive, check each part with scratches at the same time, if there is no calibration schedule length. 5. Clamping tool clamping cutter when it try to short the length of the extended, the cutting tool can't touching the protruding part of the workpiece. 6. Planing processing ( 1) Double housing planer should try to adopt multiple blade planing. ( 2) Sheet class artifacts should be performed according to the allowance situation many times over the clamping process, reduce the workpiece deformation degree. ( 3) Free groove surface planing should lower cutting speed, good control tool. ( 4) Fine plane, if the workpiece surface corrugated or have abnormal sound, should immediately stop check. 7. Self-checking planing a inspection in accordance with the drawings, whether to conform to the requirements of the drawings, whether the deviation in the permitted range. In addition, also check machined part, mainly is to look at the presence of burrs, if any should be cleaned up. ( Figure/http://www. wxdtc。 com/)
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