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by:NJPE     2020-02-18
Planer processing technology code is an important part of its processing technology, and it is also the basis and standard of its processing. What does it specifically include? To this end, Xiaobian found some information from the Internet, and after summarizing and introducing it to everyone, so that users can master this aspect well and add some professional knowledge. If there is any incomplete introduction, please understand. 1. It is required that planers should be trained in quality, safety, professional and technical knowledge and relevant quality system documents to enable planers to have corresponding capabilities. 2. Equipment and tools equipment and tools include planer, Planer, vise, height plate, steel ruler, depth ruler, steel ruler, wrench, Vernier caliper, File, etc. 3. Preparations (1) Very familiar with drawings and process requirements, understand process requirements and process. (2) All kinds of planing knives should be prepared and the amount of planing should be reasonably selected. 4. Workpiece clamping (1) Ensure that the flat pliers are in the correct position on the workbench, and use the dial indicator to find the correct position if necessary. (2) Under the workpiece, the parallel Shim should be placed with appropriate thickness. When clamping, the workpiece should be closely leaned on the parallel Shim. (3) If the two ends of the workpiece will be higher or extend out of the jaw, pay attention to the higher amount or the extension amount should not be too much, so as not to affect the reliability of workpiece clamping. (4) When processing multiple scribing blanks at the same time, it must be aligned according to the processing line of each piece and on the same plane. (5) If the planer Workbench is to clamp higher workpieces, auxiliary supports should be added to consolidate the reliability of clamping. (6) When the gantry planer is used to process heavy and narrow workpieces, and the processing needs to focus on one side, the workpieces should be processed at the same time or counterweight should be added as much as possible. (7) After the workpiece is clamped, start the machine with jog, and check whether there is any rubbing on each part at the same time. If not, calibrate the stroke length. 5. The length of the tool should be as short as possible when clamping the planer, and the tool should not touch the protruding part of the workpiece. 6. Planing (1)The gantry Planer should be planed with multiple knives as much as possible. (2) Thin plate workpieces should be turned over and clamped for many times according to the allowance to reduce the deformation degree of workpieces. (3) The cutting speed should be reduced and the tool stroke should be controlled when the surface with empty cutter groove is planed. (4) When finishing planing, if there are ripples or abnormal sounds on the surface of the workpiece, stop the machine immediately for inspection. 7. Check the self-checking planed parts according to the pattern, whether they meet the requirements of the pattern and whether the deviation is within the allowable range. In addition, it is also necessary to check the processed parts, mainly to see if there are burrs, if any, it should be cleaned up. (Figure/text http://www . wxdtc. com /)
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