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by:NJPE     2020-01-25
NJPE precision mold manufacturers focus on precision injection molds, sheet metal stamping molds, precision stamping molds, precision parts processing and manufacturing, with 30 years of mold technology precipitation, serving large enterprises at home and abroad, now I will take you to learn about the cost reduction brought about by the improvement of NJPE mold structure design in precision injection mold. NJPE precision mold manufacturers in baby car injection mold- The body mold is the original body of a plate fixed mold and basically has no inlay structure. There are several problems in this kind of design method: 1. The processing is difficult and the processing cycle is long. Since the body belongs to a deep cavity mold, if the whole cavity of the front mold is wrapped into the cavity of plate A, the depth of the cavity is as long as 180- 240, this depth is too deep, which is not conducive to processing, and there are many positions that need electric machining, and the processing cycle is long. 2. A plate has large size and high material cost. Due to the customer's requirement to fix the original mold body, a very thick height is required to wrap the entire front mold cavity into board A. For example, the thickness of board M140537A is 450, and the thickness of board M140505A is also 450. ( Improve front a plate size 1150x 1050x 485) NJPE precision mold manufacturers have achieved remarkable benefits through technical improvement: 1. The improved structure will greatly reduce the mold frame of body products of the same size. 2. The material size of the improved body a plate is reduced, the processing cycle is also reduced, and the processing efficiency and cost are improved. So as to shorten the mold production cycle and win the recognition and trust of customers. 3. The manufacturing cost of bulk molds is saved by 22%, according to the price of P20H, the material used for board a ( 17 yuan/kg, which can save about 17224 yuan in material cost). 4, the processing cycle can save 8. 5%. 5. This improvement has been extended to all injection baby carriage mold body molds. After improvement, the size of a plate is 1150X1050X310 NJPE precision mould unswervingly takes exceeding customers' expectations as its business goal and strives to create a world-class mould enterprise, we have the technology and equipment of a complete set of solutions for precision injection molds, sheet metal stamping molds and precision stamping molds, providing one-stop services for customers' products and optimizing products for customers free of charge, save mold manufacturing costs for customers, improve mold production efficiency, and achieve perfect quality and ultra-short delivery. If you are interested in or have questions about the products of NJPE precision mold manufacturers, please click on the online customer service or toll-free number 0756 on the right side of the page- We are very happy to serve you for 8593098 consultation. Enter NJPE official website https://www . njprecisionengineering. Com/learn more. 'Super technician' in NJPE Precision Mold market, precision injection molding and ordinary injection molding
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