Precision hardware machinery processing skills!

by:NJPE     2020-06-27
Precision hardware machinery processing skills! Release date: 2019 07 - 05 14:56:29

in the whole process of precision metal hardware processing, not ensure the quality, but also must ensure that the goods of the beauty is generous. Mechanical equipment co. , LTD focus on precision metal hardware processing 18 years, people pay special attention to each one key points of the goods, include delivery before testing and packaging. Can produce precision metal processing, hardware machinery plastic milling machine processing, etc.

in various kinds of hardware machinery machined parts, balanced screw because its mouth slot is deep, total width, the smaller size and small size tolerance of the category rules, caused its production process is more difficult, very prone to scratches, size is difficult to ensure. From traditional craftsmanship, fusion of the measuring instrument, prior to production and processing in abrasive grinding polishing RunHua with mouth open slot, can design the turning is milled together, in the precision mold processing, can make equilibrium screw with milled by production and processing, milled and interaction among steel has small gap, it not only promotes the stiffness of the mouth slot, reduce the probability of deformation, also can make the balance precision screws more than rules.

the introduction of sine bar gauge, sine bar table is leverage together check work taper or perspective, gage block associated with trigonometric function of sine this hardware mechanical measuring instruments, by 2 hardware machinery cylinder and 1 hardware machinery layout behavior main body composition, when CNC lathe processing in production and processing with Angle steel can be carried out hardware mechanical precision positioning, when conducting metal mechanical precision machining parts, drop it on the safety of the sine bar work on tablets, steel flat depend on the lining of the sine bar steel for accurate positioning, its final need specifications for sine bar height to width ratio and steel specification to be tested together, after that of precise measurement, to strict control hardware machinery spare parts of shape and specifications of the size tolerance, can accurate positioning deviation, together is convenient to calculate the accurate statistics of steel.

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