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by:NJPE     2020-01-24
Discussion on the current situation and prospect of China's mold industry in 2018 ( Part 1: The Role of mold in manufacturing industry) In recent years, due to various reasons in the mold industry, the development of the mold industry has faced many difficulties, which are not as good as before. In particular, the vast number of practitioners have experienced the most profound, wages cannot rise, and the purchasing power of rising prices decreases, enterprises also have fierce competition. The price of orders is down, and the wages and prices of employees are up. It is indeed difficult and unsatisfactory. In the past ten years or so, there have been more and more graduates in the mold industry, rising at a rate of tens of thousands every year, resulting in saturation of talents and increased competitiveness. Especially for fresh graduates, jobs are even more difficult to find. Tired, low wages, the key is that the future development prospects are not very clear, and in the end many people have to leave the industry. Is the mold industry declining? Does the mold have a future? The role of mold in the manufacturing industry mold is the mother of industry. Most of the products are produced by molds. Only by using molds can the products achieve mass production, improve efficiency and reduce costs. There are also very few hand-made or hand-made products that do not use or use less molds. Modern is a world of high-speed industrialization, and there is no way to leave the mold. In other words, mold is one of the most important cornerstones in the industrial world and is an industry that cannot be eliminated. Especially in the current era of rapid development of China's industrialization process, the mold industry is not a sunset industry that is about to be eliminated, but still an industry with opportunities. So, what happened to the mold industry in recent years? Why do many bosses complain that they can't make money, and mold practitioners complain that wages are not rising, and jobs are hard to find? Why is this happening? Mold classification data source: public data arrangement the distribution map of comprehensive strength of major mold producing countries in the World Data source: public data arrangement the distribution map of world mold application industry data source: public data arrangement Chinese mould classification proportion distribution chart data source: public data arrangement Chinese mould Total Sales Chart Data source: public data arrangement NJPE has the technology and equipment of a complete set of solutions for precision injection mold products. CAE/CAD/CAM technology, full-automatic information management and other hard and soft power are all leading the industry. You are welcome to call or consult the online customer service on the right, NJPE-To provide you with the solution to the mold product project! Enter NJPE official website https://www . njprecisionengineering. Com/learn more. Improve the global after-sales service outlets and relieve overseas customers from worries.
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