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by:NJPE     2020-01-25
The 'mold cost is designed' to reduce the mold cost. When it comes to mold cost control, will many small and medium-sized mold enterprises first think of the following methods: the mold material is changed from imported steel to cheap domestic steel? Make the material as thin as possible to save the material? Reduce processing capacity? Less thimble, insert? Less design and processing waterway? As far as possible don't hot runner? Cooling waterways string together to reduce water pipe joints? . . . . . . Basically, it saves costs from materials and processing costs. In fact, the concept is wrong, do you know? You only see the surface of the cost. The above methods are precisely to increase the cost, not to reduce the cost, because the mold design should give the material strength enough insurance factor, the cost of modifying and testing the mold due to material problems is definitely far greater than the cost of materials? Therefore, the maximum cost optimization is to ensure the required performance of the mold itself in the design process. First, the mold ejection design should be sufficient, preferring excess, do not save the thimble to cause problems such as the top of the product, the imbalance of the product, the deformation of the product, etc. , and the loss caused by a modified mold test is far greater than that of several thimbles; Second: do not make inserts because of reducing processing costs. In difficult-to-process areas, the local flow end of the product should be made into inserts as much as possible, and sufficient exhaust tanks should be made on the inserts. More inserts seem to increase costs, in fact, it will reduce a lot of molding risks, the processing capacity of the mold core is small, the inserts can be processed synchronously, and the mold processing cycle is shortened; Inserts are beneficial to exhaust, Shorten filling time, reduce forming pressure and reduce various product defects caused by trapped air; Third: the mold cooling waterway should be as much as possible, and the balance should be considered, especially for large and thick products. The multi-design processing waterway seems to increase the cost, if the product molding cycle can be reduced by 3-5 seconds, is it better to reflect the value of the mold; Fourth: cooling waterway design in order to reduce joints, it is also an extremely wrong idea to connect many waterways in series. Some on-site injection molding personnel directly connect multiple waterways in series for convenience. If the cooling water flows too long in the mold, the water temperature will rise, and there will be obvious differences between the inlet and outlet temperatures, which will affect the cooling effect of the product and may even cause deformation of the product due to uneven cooling; Fifth: mold design should actively communicate with customers, judge the parts that are easy to modify and the parts that are easy to damage in mold production, and make a plan in advance to facilitate subsequent modification of the mold. If it is made into quick replacement inserts, spare parts in advance, etc. , it is necessary to make a plan in advance, otherwise it will cause high cost of repairing the mold; Sixth: the design of the mold should design the exhaust as much as possible, and the exhaust should be designed reasonably and processed; Many small and medium-sized mold enterprises do not design exhaust tanks for mold design, which is handled by on-site fitters themselves according to experience, which is very wrong; Designing and processing exhaust gas seems to waste costs. Exhaust gas problem is a very important factor causing product problems and should be paid attention. The benefits of exhaust are not explained here; Seventh: the parts of the mold design must have tolerance standards, and the processing and testing must be carried out according to the tolerance requirements. Some factories do not have detailed tolerance standards at all, and the unqualified processing is often signed by the supervisor, these are all hidden dangers that cause mold problems and will also increase the cost of modifying molds. In short, the mold design must fully consider the cost of subsequent mold modification and injection molding production. The mold is for injection molding, and the comprehensive cost should be considered. Some enterprises only make molds and sell molds to customers for injection molding. In order to control the cost of molds, they neglect injection molding production. In the long run, these mold factories will be abandoned by customers, even if your mold price is low, no quality is scrap iron. Only by fully considering injection molding production is a good mold. NJPE is leading the industry in hard and soft power such as mold processing equipment and testing equipment, CAE/CAD/CAM technology, and full-automatic information management. 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