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by:NJPE     2020-01-25
In essence, improve the effectiveness of CNC process staff's self-inspection report at present, the effectiveness of CNC Group staff's self-inspection is very weak, the execution is very low, and there are hidden dangers of hitting the main shaft or abnormal processing quality. 1. On the evening of November 27, when the 5 # of CNC horizontal machine tool 2013 was processing the original body a of M1200348, the workpiece cavity was scratched by the cutter and the quality was lost by thousands of yuan due to the employee's improper self-inspection, the processing progress of the workpiece is affected, and there is a hidden danger of hitting the main shaft. 2. At 15: 57 p. m. on November 29, due to the fact that the operator did not strictly carry out the self-inspection before the workpiece was loaded on the machine, and the workpiece itself was over-supplied by 14. 3mm, resulting in the occurrence of knife smashing events in the processing process, breakage of the cutting tools, potential damage to the main shaft of the equipment, and the processing of the same workpiece on another machine, the incoming material is also very long 14. 3 MM, but another operator did not carry out self-inspection. Fortunately, hidden dangers were eliminated in time and no knife smashing incident occurred. 3. Regular education, guidance and training are given to employees, but employees fail to carry out consciously and standardized operations according to operating standards; In order to avoid similar abnormalities, it is improved from management. 1. Restrain employees' self-inspection initiative from the management system: when the section chief on duty, supervisor, team leader and other management personnel randomly check the self-inspection authenticity of CNC process, every time you find that there is no self-inspection in strict accordance with the operation standard process, or there is a fraud, each order is deducted from the personal working hours of the month for 20 hours; If the real self-inspection is not strictly carried out twice in the current month, 40 hours of personal income in the current month will be deducted for each order, and if the self-inspection is not strictly carried out three times in the current month, it will be returned to the personnel department for handling. 2. If the employee strictly carries out self-inspection and finds that there are abnormal hidden dangers in the processing of the knife, the spindle or the workpiece, and finds and reports a single order in time to eliminate the abnormal hidden dangers in time, rewards will be rewarded according to the management regulations of the system department. 3. In order to truly promote employees to develop good, real and effective self-inspection work behavior, the number of inspection orders of the section chief, supervisor and team leader on duty shall not be less than 10. NJPE- China's leading precision mold processing factory has advanced equipment capability, innovative research and development strength, strong financial strength and strong production capacity. For information, we can call the cooperation hotline: 0756- 8593031, or click on the right side of the online customer service consultation! Enter NJPE officer https://www . njprecisionengineering. Com/learn more. 'Mold cost is designed' to reduce mold cost'
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