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by:NJPE     2020-01-24
Problems and even painful lessons in the process of quality management of enterprises are common to us. Low-level quality accidents often occur and lack the concept of quality cost, resulting in high quality cost; There is a lack of effective communication and control mechanism among different departments, they are arguing and prevaricating with each other in their work, the efficiency is low, and the technical process preparation and error prevention measures are insufficient, which may lead to potential quality hazards; So how can we standardize production management? How to carry out the work orderly and solve the quality problem according to the remedy to the case has become the first problem to be faced in the quality improvement work. . . Whenever quality improvement encounters resistance or stagnation, the quality manager may spread his hands and shake his head, helplessly saying 'no way '. Although they know that continuous quality improvement is a key to the success of an enterprise, their enthusiasm will naturally be severely hit when the quality improvement plan is not effectively supported. The master of quality management, Crosby, put forward in his book 'quality free' that employees should accept the quality improvement plan. The most important thing is to grasp the human factors. First of all, managers at all levels should change their ideological concepts. If there are problems, they should first find their own reasons and find their own reasons, actively look for the root cause of the problem and propose relevant solutions. Some managers find a lot of problems, there is no measure, the responsibility is not borne, the problem is spread up, this management method is obviously the most prominent performance of unqualified managers. Secondly, as far as managers are concerned: we must manage the employees in our own Department well and build an excellent small team. When the small teams in each department are excellent, our whole enterprise is an excellent large team. The key to build team spirit is frank communication, clear role positioning, implementation of responsibility system, rewards and punishment, and mutual trust and appreciation between superiors and subordinates and employees, rather than mutual run and defeat; The manager should guide the subordinates to discover and identify the advantages of others, and should work together to unite and cooperate with each other. This is the truth of the so-called 'all hearts are united, and Mount Tai moves; Every manager and every employee should be clear about their responsibilities and roles in the team, and strictly implement the responsibility system, requiring employees to have a sense of responsibility for the team, at the same time, the importance of responsibility should be strengthened by means of incentives. Positive incentives should be used to set an example and avoid large-scale handling of typical events in a negative blow. Meeting problems and solving problems are the basic ideas needed in the process of quality improvement, so the methods to solve quality problems are of great importance at this time. Since it is a quality problem, then the first consideration is to use PDCA cycle management, which mainly needs to perform improvement steps according to its characteristics. The specific operations can be carried out in the following order: 1. Current situation investigation: an enterprise or a department or process will have many problems, but not all of them are critical. The investigation of the current situation is to find out the key problems, that is, to grasp the main contradictions; Second, cause analysis: Through the investigation of the current situation, find the main contradiction, then make a detailed analysis, and ask more questions to prove it; Third, determine the main reasons: there may be many reasons for the existence of general problems. We should narrow down the scope of the problems through analysis, find out the main reasons and concentrate on eliminating them. At the same time, we can apply the law of 28: make the best use of the limited resources to avoid the duplication of Labor and the waste of material resources; Fourth, formulate countermeasures: After finding the main cause of the problem, 5W1H method can be applied to formulate corresponding countermeasures; V. Implementation Countermeasures: After formulating countermeasures, it is necessary to improve the execution. Put the countermeasures into practice; 6. Effect check: After the implementation of the countermeasures, first of all, it is necessary to compare with the target value set by the plan to confirm whether it is achieved, and to compare it from multiple angles, levels and aspects; For example, technological progress, quality improvement, economic benefits, etc. , effect inspection can boost morale, enhance fighting spirit, and also verify whether the countermeasures are correct and effective; 7. Improvement measures: If the countermeasures to solve the problem are correct, the successful experience and process should be institutionalized and standardized in a timely manner; VIII. Remaining problems and plans for the next step: if there are still problems in the product quality or the goal needs to be changed after the corresponding countermeasures are taken, further plans should be made, in order to completely solve the problem or upgrade the level, then the next goal or upgrade demand should be carried out in the new cycle management activities. According to the theory of zero defects in quality, if the quality of an enterprise's products can reach zero defects, the sales volume and sales profit can increase to varying degrees. If we are good at constantly summing up experience, we will come up with effective solutions to any problems, instead of being at a loss. After all, there is no end to improvement! Therefore, only by continuous improvement and continuous innovation can enterprises continue to make profits. NJPE integrity newsletter--Shoulian model
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