Precision machinery parts processing and application of robots and custom frame

by:NJPE     2020-07-04
The application of robot in manufacturing, including precision machinery parts processing, has grown steadily. Industrial automation is more and more dependent on robot technology to improve efficiency and instead of the monotonous, repetitive human tasks. Robot used in the manufacturing industry in a variety of tasks, from transportation to the assembly, can be used for almost any programmable task, from soaking and pouring to grinding and milling. Robot is a physical machine, automatic or semi-automatic job can perform a specific task. They are using sensors to assess the status of the workpiece and the overall environment, their overall operation involves some form of artificial intelligence. In the precision machinery parts processing and manufacturing, in the workshop found that robots more easily than define robot. Common form a robot 'arms', a kind of articulated mechanical body, can in a variety of ways to evaluate, mobile and precision machining. Precision machinery parts processing production, the design of mechanical arm is suitable for flexible use. In other words, the robot can be programmed to perform work on various parts, and even can perform tasks except grinding and gate removed. Improved grinding consistency of precision machinery parts processing, improve the speed and reduce the associated with these tasks the difficulty of manual labor, increase automatic detection to screen size tolerance and casting defects and defect. In addition to the robot, precision machinery parts processing can also be through custom industrial frame as far as possible use of the limited space of individuals. Custom frame not only helps save space, but also can improve the work efficiency of the individual, make the product easier to store, reduce transportation costs, improve security. Customized industrial frame can be stacked together, not only ensure the safety of precision machinery parts processing products, and ensure the safety of workers. Can be stacked shelves for personnel, forklifts and other machinery and equipment to provide more space, in order to reduce the accident risk.
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