Precision machinery parts processing of the difference between roughing and finishing cut

by:NJPE     2020-07-03
Precision machinery parts processing general common processing way is in the process of turning and milling parts, some of the common precision are milling or turning parts. After rough cutting workpiece in, the workpiece is already very close to the required size and appearance of the artifact itself, but this time the workpiece surface is still a big margin, for precision cutting, after finishing cut processing of the workpiece surface more bright and clean, the size will be more accurate. Typically, precision machinery parts processing workpiece after one roughing and one finishing cut to required size and appearance of the workpiece. But not all the artifacts as long as a cutting, some some parts of the workpiece may require multiple rough cutting. And at the same time, there are some artifacts themselves accuracy requirement is not too high or cutting volume is small, also is a finishing cut may only need to pass can meet the requirements of the workpiece. Rough cutting because of precision machinery parts processing artifacts need cutting allowance is big, so it requires more than pure cutting cutting force, this requires a machine, cutting tools, to conform to the workpiece, and the rough cutting is unexpectedly can quickly remove allowance, and the effect of surface performance nor too coarse. And the essence of precision machinery parts processing cutting is the surface properties of the workpiece, and the dimension precision of the workpiece, thus finishing cut the need to use also need a very sharp knife, because the small amount of cutting and so on measuring precision is very high. In fact, there are so many that we can't see the parts with has an inseparable relationship precision machinery parts processing, such as the inside of the mobile phone is very small nut, because these nuts are customized according to demand of mobile phone manufacturers, almost no standard, and the accuracy requirement is very high, so almost all is dependent on the production of precision precision machining.
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