Precision machinery parts processing power to recommend!

by:NJPE     2020-07-05
Precision machinery parts processing power to recommend! Release date: 2019 07 - 05 14:05:21

in hardware mechanical machining parts, effectively choose machine equipment is the key. Most of pretreating the key drilling machining allowance, so raw should be more choose general numerical control lathe, pretreating and depth processing on different machines, the ability to work can fully mobilize machinery and equipment, improve the company's production and processing efficiency, high precision spare parts increase precision machine tool whose lifespan.

pretreating separation and depth processing of machined parts, more can ensure the precision parts processing precision. Because of machined parts for pretreating, large amount of drilling, steel cutting speed, clamping force, heat, precision parts processing surface significant problem of cold work hardening steel in large thermal stress, if not smooth, not smooth of machined parts to continue, will quickly lose parts precision for in-situ stress all over again. For certain precision precision machining parts of mechanical parts production and processing. After pretreating and deep processing, also should be allocated or aging treatment of ultra-low temperature quenching process, the removal of internal stress.

in precision machine mechanical parts processing line, should pay special attention to the whole process of modified treatment weeken the distribution. Address assignment is given: the whole process of modified treatment weeken the, improve its drilling, production, processing and properties of metal materials, such as hardening, normalizing, quenching, usually assigned in machining parts. Removal of internal stress, such as aging treatment, adjust to cure, such as general arrangement, after pretreating, but ongoing. In order to improve the physical performance of components, such as carburizing and quenching and tempering, usually assigned in machining parts. Such as conditioning treatment after deformation is large, but also to distribution of the final production process

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