Precision machinery parts processing precision with which factors

by:NJPE     2020-07-14
Factory production related to mechanical equipment, with the help of machinery, our workload, effect, the speed is much faster. Although said that with the help of mechanical equipment, but in the face of customer requirements for product quality is so high. Nature in the process of high precision requirements, such as precision machinery parts processing. Precision machinery parts processing, widely used in the milling machine the outline of digital program control system, including a wide range of process capability, simple, reliable and inexpensive phase systems, these systems adopted by many factories, especially used to control large body surface precision machinery parts processing. Proper control program is one of the main conditions to ensure the quality of precision machinery parts processing. For digital program controlled phase system, control program of preparation prepared by using automatic program system for, depends largely on the quality level for the price of the control program. Other are produced by the artificial control equipment processing error, the error including process random error and systematic error of the system. System error plays a main role in all the processing error, the precision machinery parts processing as a whole, this will cause a series of numerical control technology system error. Such as gap, the consequences like insensitive to bring in the machine tool transmission chain, but does not include reverse transmission chain gap; Unstable transmission amplification coefficient; In the control program phase error on the tape; 。 Sensor feedback periodic step instability, its main form is phase instability.
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