Precision machinery parts processing process measures

by:NJPE     2020-07-06
Precision machinery parts processing process measures. Release date: 2019 07 - 05 14:12:29

aluminum precision parts processing, quenched and tempered treatment to raw and deep processing of two different processes, with different heat treatment methods, in the middle of the depth of coarse processing to remove internal stress, so aluminum metal mechanical precision machining parts, removal of internal stress of heat treatment countermeasures have?

1。 Symmetrical quenching: nature is a molecular diffusion process, the molecular diffusion of speed too fast, can make the raw materials of dendritic shrinkage, and thus is generally known as diffusion hardening.

2。 To stress annealing: the goal is to reduce the stress relieving made metal materials thermal stress, reduce the stress corrosion tendency of raw materials, to ensure the reliability of the mechanical precision machining pieces of hardware specifications after, together with its compressive strength and the strength of foundation is not reduced.

3。 Work hardening quenching: the goal is to optimize crystals, sufficient to remove the thermal stress.

11。 Stable call processing: quality and conditioning treatment called the circulatory system, temperature and natural environment is very applicable to different application hardware machinery spare parts, and the hardware specifications after mechanical machinery spare parts production and processing precision regulations, a harsh place. Choose the solved technical precision hardware parts, its reliability is very good.

4。 Cryogenic treatment: the key purpose of cryogenic treatment is to remove stress in heat treatment of aluminum alloy profiles. According to China's existing cryogenic treatment to remove the internal stress of 7075 aluminium alloy profile is scientific research, the internal stress clearance can be more than 86%.

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