Precision machining manufacturer to improve the cutting machining accuracy

by:NJPE     2020-06-18
Precision precision machining manufacturer to improve the cutting machining precision release date: 2019 - 07 - 05 14:46:58

wedm, working effect in high efficiency and scope of hardware mechanical machining parts for the very big improvement. The precision of the processing precision machinery parts for the customers is the obligations and responsibilities of people, in the many years of experience in precision precision machining, people found out according to several times the laser cut technical, wedm an upgrade hardware mechanical machining parts precision and performance of the way of nature, usually according to the first laser cutting forming, laser cutting again improve precision, the second time around laser cutting improve process performance.

several laser cutting process, the first point with large single pulse laser kinetic energy to get a higher rate of laser cutting, then the hardware mechanical machining parts surface quality is not to do too much; Again and the second laser cut if the must gauge depth gauge and pulse light, step by step to get hardware machinery parts idealized production processing performance and production and processing precision. This is the first requirement machine table must have high geometry precision and fitness movement precision, silking followed regulations system software required to ensure that the wire electrode in uniform motion and reliability of the interior space, perhaps, for more than several times that the aim of laser cutting, need for high frequency pulse power supply is also carried out to improve several times and the laser cutting processing technology to carry out the system software such as scientific research.

work station of the fitness movement precision can be repeatedly along the motion trajectory deviation fitness to carry out several times the premise condition of laser cutting, is a hardware mechanical machining precision and to improve process performance ensured. Wire electrode have to stiffness, actually show the diagonal lines after according to precise positioning guide roller shape, its common tangent with the up and down or so idler pulley has error, the size of the error will then wire electrode support shift and change. In the process of precision machinery parts and components production actually, because the wire electrode support is not smooth, thus silking system software required for wire electrode support for manipulation. Together, wire electrode selection guide to carry out the accurate positioning, because half open accurate positioning method of guide roller, prompting the wire electrode in laser cutting are vulnerable to charge and discharge the effect of explosive force caused by the precise positioning of each bearing guide. Therefore, in order to ensure the wire electrode in the process of production the reliability of the interior space parts, wire walking system software must improve on the electrode wire guide.

first laser cut rate is several times higher laser cutting the transition condition. Several laser cutting the average of laser cutting rate and process performance and according to the result of first time after the kinetic energy of the charge and discharge reduction, laser cutting, although several times according to the laser cut metal mechanical precision machining parts precision of adjustment, but several laser cutting machines and the provisions of the quality of employees is higher, harmfulness is large, empty easily lead to laser cut for the first time the kinetic energy of the charge and discharge increase caused by the broken wires or several times when laser cutting laser cutting is easily caused by high and low steel subscription fee. Practical experience, when an oil content of less complex working liquid in laser cutting, the production and processing reliability, cut thick work ability, the probability of wire-breaking, production and processing surface roughness parameter values such as often have quite big improvement

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