Precision Machining, what performance should Tool materials have?

by:NJPE     2020-01-28
In the process of precision machining, the process of cutting metal works under higher cutting temperature and severe friction conditions, so in the process of machining precision parts, the length of tool life and cutting efficiency depend on the tool material, which determines the fundamental factor of tool cutting performance, correct efficiency, processing quality, processing cost and tool durability have great influence. The technological performance of precision machining tool materials also has a great influence on the manufacturing and grinding quality of the tool itself, so the tool cutting materials need to meet the following five requirements. First, high hardness: the hardness of the tool material needs to be higher than the hardness of the workpiece material to cut the metal, and the hardness should reach above 60HRC at normal temperature. Second, high wear resistance: wear resistance is expressed as the ability of tool materials to resist wear. Generally, materials with higher hardness will have better wear resistance. 3. Sufficient strength and toughness: Cutting Tool materials need to have sufficient strength and toughness, in order to ensure that the tool can withstand sufficient total cutting force, impact and vibration in the normal cutting process of precision machining, thus preventing the tool from chipping or brittle fracture. 4. High heat resistance: heat resistance, also known as hard heat resistance, refers to the ability of cutting tool materials to maintain cutting performance at high temperatures. It is the main index to measure the performance of cutting tool materials. 5. Good manufacturability: in order to facilitate the manufacture of cutting tools, it is required that the cutting tools have good machinability and heat treatment process. Machinability mainly refers to cutting processing performance and welding performance. Heat treatment refers to small heat treatment deformation, thin decarburized layer and good hardenability.
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