Precision Mold export NJPE becomes synonymous with 'high quality'

by:NJPE     2020-01-26
At present, the domestic Mold market is moving from low-end to high-end. Most mold manufacturers are facing the challenge of reducing costs and improving accuracy. At the same time, however, NJPE has already relied on the two advantages of 'perfect quality' and 'ultra-short delivery period', and the precision molds processed have been recognized by many large foreign enterprises, we have export verification for exporting to Southeast Asia, Europe, the United States, Brazil and other countries. Nowadays, the market demand for large, precise, complex and long-life molds is getting higher and higher. Not only that, in order to improve the comprehensive competitiveness of domestic mold products, the development speed of mold standard parts has also been greatly accelerated in recent years. Traditional precision molds mostly rely on imports. With the increasing demand for medium and high-grade molds in the domestic market, domestic precision mold manufacturers must ensure that the quality and delivery date of products can meet the requirements of customers. This is especially true for molds. On 2011, the first set of high-end precision mold delivery ceremony NJPE strictly controlled the quality of each set of mold products sent out through the following measures. First, NJPE has a strong team of engineers, mostly composed of craftsmen with decades of experience in mold processing, to ensure the quality of all aspects of precision molds. Second, NJPE has strong precision capability, and the precision of injection mold/stamping mold reaches 0. 01 MM, precision stamping die precision reaches 0. 002 MM. The reason why we can achieve such fine precision is that we have precision processing equipment. All Japan imports Makino, Toshiba and Mitsubishi top equipment, Makino CNC and EDM equipment processing precision can reach 0. 01mm; The processing accuracy of 26 Mitsubishi WEDM equipment reached 0. 003mm. Third, the mold orders are delivered to the customers, and there are many processes in the process. It is far from enough to rely on sophisticated equipment and experienced personnel, it is necessary to have a set of perfect quality management system to help customers achieve perfect quality, establish a standard quality management system and set up a special quality management department, citing high-precision testing facilities combined with automated testing methods and standardized control procedures, the incoming inspection (IQC), Process product inspection (IPQC), Molding product inspection (FQC), Mold shipment acceptance (OQC)4 Major links for quality control. Pursue customer satisfaction and help customers achieve perfect quality. NJPE is leading the industry in hard and soft power such as mold processing equipment and testing equipment, CAE/CAD/CAM technology, and full-automatic information management. Looking forward to your call to the cooperation hotline:, or click on the right side of the online customer service consultation! Enter NJPE official website https://www . njprecisionengineering. Com/learn more. The world's most sophisticated mold NJPE takes you to explore the secret, high-end large automobile injection mold industry prospects
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