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by:NJPE     2020-01-25
Are you still troubled by the fact that you have already had a perfect processing standard and failed to find out the problem of abnormal quality in time due to the unstable factors? Are you still worried about the unconsciousness of your employees? In fact, every factory has such problems. As an international leading precision mold manufacturer, NJPE does so. The early NJPE precision machining Department failed to find the heat of the workpiece in time during the machining process, resulting in over-cutting and abnormal product quality. Moreover, long parts similar to fin die Louver punch, bridge die, bridge punch, inclined slider, cross cutter, etc. are prone to over-heating and lead to over-cutting. However, these abnormalities are often not caused by not following the standard. A large part of the reason is that the operator's subconscious mind is not enough to find the problem in time! In the face of such problems, we adopt the methods of 'watching', 'listening', 'practicing' and 'old and new' for learning and training. How do we train, can give you a brief share: 1, see: in the process of processing to see whether the spark generated by processing is consistent with the processing capacity, whether the grinding wheel is blocked. 2. Listening: whether the sound of chips is 'squeaking' during processing and cannot be heated (Take video training). Through our new training method, the abnormality like this will be reduced to 0 in September, and all processes will be carried out horizontally to complete each set of molds with good quality and quantity for customers. As a precision mold manufacturer, in addition to the advantages of first-class hardware equipment, NJPE also has a team that strives for perfection. Our continuous innovation and breakthrough are only for your product quality and delivery service. You give us a trust, we give you very satisfied! We look forward to your call: or click on the right side of the consultation online customer service! Enter NJPE official website https://www . njprecisionengineering. Com/learn more. NJPE excellent quality management system casting excellent mold quality, mold automation, NJPE has been doing
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