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by:NJPE     2020-01-27
As part of the future factory, traditional industrial manufacturing workshops are beginning to become intelligent. Intelligent factories carry out real-time data analysis by obtaining information such as customer requirements, production status, raw materials, personnel, equipment, production process, environmental safety, etc. , thus realizing automatic decision-making and accurate command execution. Some insiders once asserted: 'industry does not need the Internet. 'Because industrial production pays attention to standardization and process, this seems to be completely different from the openness of the Internet. In the past two years, artificial intelligence technology has been gradually applied to industrial production, and artificial intelligence factories have begun to spread around the world and continue to improve and mature. By definition, an intelligent factory is a combination of traditional manufacturing factories and information technology (IT)A factory that combines to improve production efficiency. In the future intelligent factory, each production link is clearly visible and highly transparent: information and production form a closely related network. The entire workshop operates quietly and efficiently. Intelligent machines not only cooperate with each other, but also cooperate with employees, customers and customers all over the world and intelligent analysis dynamic systems, which are distributed in all links of the entire supply chain. As part of the future factory, traditional industrial manufacturing workshops are also beginning to become intelligent. Through the network and software management system, the numerical control automation equipment can be interconnected, and the intelligent factory can obtain information such as customer demand, production status, raw materials, personnel, equipment, production process, environmental safety, etc, perform real-time data analysis for automatic decision-making and accurate command execution. Artificial intelligence brings the following four advantages: first, efficient and flexible production mode. The implementation of intelligent manufacturing promotes the change from production mode to management and control mode, so as to optimize technological process, reduce production cost and promote the improvement of labor efficiency and production efficiency. The second is the effective cooperation and integration of the industrial chain. Promote the application of intelligent manufacturing technology in the equipment manufacturing industry, promote the seamless cooperation of the industrial chain in research and development, design, production, manufacturing and other links, and lay a foundation for further improving the cooperation efficiency of the industrial chain. The third is new production service-oriented manufacturing. The implementation of intelligent manufacturing promotes the transformation from a production-oriented organization to a service-oriented organization. Through the use of key intelligent manufacturing technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, and cloud computing, new business models and service forms, such as remote O & amp; M and intelligent cloud services, have been created to enhance innovation and service capabilities. The fourth is collaborative development and cloud manufacturing. Realize information sharing, integrate superior resources, implement collaborative innovation in various industrial chain links, and promote the optimal allocation of manufacturing resources and manufacturing capabilities to improve labor productivity and product quality. While the intelligent workshop is striving to realize, the intelligent factory has also begun to make steady progress and lay the foundation for intelligent manufacturing. In the era of digital manufacturing, the boundary between the physical world and the digital world has been dismantled. It is the general trend to replace traditional manpower with intelligent technologies such as robots, artificial intelligent workshops will be the trend in China and even the world in the next 10 years, and outline a brand-new future for the manufacturing industry. NJPE- World-class precision mold manufacturers, if you are interested in our medical equipment mold products, please click on our online customer service, welcome your call to inquire :! NJPE- Advanced equipment and micron-level precision control make customers' products 'meticulous '. Enter NJPE official website https://www . njprecisionengineering. Com/learn more. The five development momentum of China's mold industry talents are still the limiting factors. Under the wave of intelligent manufacturing, how can enterprises win their own future?
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