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by:NJPE     2020-01-28
New regulations on the management of precision mold manufacturing and processing drawings ', strengthening the company's confidentiality mechanism report 1 improvement background: 1. The modification of technical data is not approved, random, uncontrolled and does not conform to ISO principle 2. Precision mold processing drawings and process technical documents are not confidential, there is no relevant punishment regulations, and system management, technical data is easy to flow out 3. Precision mold processing drawing version number confusion, easy to cause misuse of data and cause quality abnormality project plan 1. Avoid a series of quality abnormalities caused by random modification of precision mold processing drawings. To ensure that the company's technical patents and newly developed technological technologies are not stolen or outflow, and to ensure the improvement of the company's vital interests: standardize the operation methods of the company's drawings and technological documents used in the manufacture and processing of precision molds, make clear the application scope and confidentiality of drawings and technical documents, so as to ensure correct guidance of production and safeguard the technical interests of the company. NJPE is leading the industry in hard and soft power such as mold processing equipment and testing equipment, CAE/CAD/CAM technology, and full-automatic information management. Looking forward to your call to the cooperation hotline: 0756- 8593031, or click on the right side of the online customer service consultation! Enter NJPE official website https://www . njprecisionengineering. Com/learn more. NJPE precision mould--World-class home appliance mold manufacturing quality brand model
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