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by:NJPE     2020-01-28
How to improve customer satisfaction? --Peace of mind NJPE mould company (Hereinafter referred to as NJPE) The precision mould manufacturing industry is a typical customer-driven manufacturing enterprise with single piece and multiple products. From the beginning of the customer's demand intention, it is necessary to communicate with the customer to reach a consensus and determine the order. Formulate project plan and design communication; Production mold modification, mold repair, delivery verification, handover, transportation, sales settlement and other businesses must be completed with the participation of customers. It is important to give peace of mind to the precision mold manufacturing industry. This time, the Japanese Daikin customer Mr. Zhiguo came to the agency to test the model for more than a month. What impressed me most was that NJPE failed to give customers a sense of peace of mind and the security of this order to NJPE was absolutely no problem. The customer always holds that I have not confirmed whether there is any omission in NJPE? Can this part of NJPE meet my requirements? And so on. I think the reason why customers don't feel at ease about NJPE is that NJPE doesn't develop the awareness of actively reporting in advance and is not rigorous enough to consider problems. Without all-round evaluation, NJPE will directly seek confirmation from customers. How to make customers feel at ease, I personally think we need to do the following: 1. The agreed matters must be done, and if they cannot be done, they must be reported in advance. 2. When there is a change, no matter whether the customer has made a request, report to the customer when it is completed. 3. The customer did not consider the problem point, NJPE stood in the precision mold manufacturing professional point of view to give advice. 4. When it is proposed to set up a change, the departments within the community first review and propose a unified proposal, and then submit it to the customer. Giving customers a sense of peace of mind is not something that someone or a department can do. It requires all NJPE members to work together to make NJPE able in the precision mold manufacturing industry 【Do fine]【Big]【Strong]. New regulations on the management of precision mold manufacturing and processing drawings ', strengthen the company's confidentiality mechanism report
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