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by:NJPE     2020-01-28
The relationship between safety and Enterprise Development safety is the foundation and premise for enterprises to realize economic and social benefits, and is the basic guarantee for people to live a healthy life, work and productive labor. Effective control of production safety in production activities is an important guarantee for enterprises to realize sustainable development. Enterprises can only seek long-term development if they work hand in hand with safety. Zhuhai NJPE precision mould Co. , Ltd. is a large-scale professional precision mould manufacturing and processing company jointly established by Zhuhai Gree Electric and Japan Daikin industry in March 2009. Its main business scope is automobiles, household appliances and baby carriages, office and other precision mold manufacturing and processing, as a precision mold manufacturing and processing enterprises for the prevention and control of safety accidents is to attach great importance. Safety accidents sometimes bring devastating consequences to enterprises and have extremely serious negative impacts on social economy. Just staring at the immediate output and profits, once the potential safety hazard breaks out, it will have serious consequences for the country, society, enterprises and individuals: Not only will the economic benefits decline, but also lost the recognition of the society, enterprises can not survive, let alone sustainable development. 'Safety First, prevention first' is the industry foundation for enterprise production and operation, the premise for enterprises to swing and improve efficiency, and the fundamental guarantee for realizing economic and social benefits of enterprises. Enterprises are the main force of economic development, economic development is the premise of social development, and social development has created conditions for the improvement of Enterprise's own value. The safety of an enterprise is not only related to its own survival and development, but also shoulders the heavy responsibility of stabilizing the society and developing the economy. We are willing to safely raise the sail of the enterprise and escort the development and progress of the manufacturing and processing of precision molds. How to improve customer satisfaction? --Peace of mind
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