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by:NJPE     2020-01-26
The design principle of parting surface in the design of precision injection mold, the parting surface is to take out the molded plastic parts from the mold cavity or to meet the needs of placing inserts and venting, according to the structure of the plastic parts, the part of the mold directly forming the plastic parts is divided into several parts of the contact surface. Compared with ordinary molds, precision molds require higher precision, so the design of parting surface is very critical. The design results will directly affect the mold structure, mold processing difficulty and mold design and manufacturing costs; Because the design of parting surface has different results for the same product, the design of parting surface does have certain difficulty. The competitive advantage of NJPE over other injection mold manufacturers is that NJPE has a complete set of parting surface design principles, which is more efficient and cost-saving than other injection mold manufacturers. Now introduce the design principles of NJPE: 1. The parting surface of the mold should be selected at the maximum outline of the plastic part, which is the most basic selection principle. 2. Ensure the appearance quality and accuracy of the product. The parting surface cannot be selected on the smooth surface and appearance surface between plastics, so as not to affect the appearance quality of the parts. 3. The selection of the parting surface of the mold should be conducive to exhaust. The parting surface is the main exhaust channel in the mold structure and should be set at the end of the flow direction of the plastic melt as far as possible, and the design of the gating system should be considered at the same time to facilitate the discharge of gas in the mold cavity. 4. The parting surface should be conducive to lateral core pulling, and the lateral core pulling mechanism should be placed on the side of the moving die as far as possible. 5. The parting surface should be conducive to demoulding of plastic parts. Since the ejection device of the injection molding machine is on one side of the moving mold, the selection of the parting surface of the mold should keep the plastic parts on the moving mold side as much as possible after mold opening, this is helpful to set the pushing mechanism in the moving mold part. If the pushing mechanism is set in the fixed mold, the complexity of the mold will be increased. 6. The selection and design of parting surface should be beneficial to processing and manufacturing. The cost and precision of injection mold depend largely on the selection of parting surface. These are the advantages of NJPE compared with other injection mold manufacturers. The following are the selection cases of parting surfaces. Case of parting surface selection NJPE is a leading domestic precision injection mold processing factory, with advanced equipment capability, innovative research and development strength, strong financial strength and strong production capacity. Optimize precision injection mold products for customers free of charge, save customers' expenses in the long run, and enter NJPE's official website. https://www . njprecisionengineering. Com/learn more. Composition of precision injection mold
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