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by:NJPE     2020-01-27
NJPE bottom shell industry leads ultra-short assembly cycle the assembly cycle of household appliance injection mold is a very important process in the mold manufacturing process, the quality of molds and the quality of products are basically mastered in the assembly process. The air-conditioning shells of household appliance injection molds have certain assembly difficulties and cycles. NJPE has certain advantages for bottom-shell molds, in the household appliance injection mold industry to reach the leading level, usually the assembly cycle needs 8 ~ 10 days, in NJPE can be in 5 ~ 6 days to complete the assembly of the mold, fully reflecting the advantages of NJPE in this link, the current bottom shell mold from the set, pre-assembly, assembly to the test mold to produce qualified samples, before and after no more than 1 week, greatly shorten the delivery time, meet the needs of customers in advance, and meet customer expectations. Household appliances injection mold bottom shell products, first of all, according to the mold structure to classify, develop a detailed assembly plan, the longest assembly cycle of the parts of the priority set of pre-assembly, the rest of the parts can be delayed, Assembly, assembling complex parts and simple parts should be carried out at the same time to balance quality and progress. The three-shift mode should be implemented, and special personnel should be assigned to supervise the work quality and progress of each shift, fully reflecting the execution of the plan, the work handover of each class will be communicated in the form of pre-class meeting, and the key points and precautions of assembly work will be predicted in advance. At present, NJPE has a professional assembly team in the household appliance injection mold, and shortening the delivery time is the subject of the industry, it is also what the industry needs most and what customers need. NJPE focuses on making household appliance injection molds and has decades of experience to further optimize design, processing and assembly schemes. Short delivery period is a magic weapon for the company's competition and a sharp weapon. It can remain invincible in the market. Obviously, NJPE has such advantages in household appliance injection molds, hoping to serve more customers, NJPE is worth looking forward! ! NJPE- The leading domestic mold processing factory has advanced equipment capability, innovative research and development strength, strong financial strength and strong production capacity. Enter NJPE official website https://www . njprecisionengineering. Com/learn more. Application technology of high frequency quenching for sheet metal stamping die
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