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by:NJPE     2020-01-26
NJPE precision mould-- Zhuhai NJPE precision mould Co. , Ltd. is a large-scale professional precision mould company jointly established by Gree Electric and Japan's Daikin industry in March 2009, it combines the advanced technology and management essence of 'Gree' and 'Daikin', two world-class enterprises, with technology first and attention to detail. The company adheres to the overall development idea of 'being refined, stronger and bigger', takes 'exceeding customer expectations' as its business objective, and takes 'Sunshine, harmony and efficiency' as its corporate culture, taking 'paying attention to details, standardized operation and process management' as the working standard and 'standard first, training and standardized operation' as the working guide, efforts will be made to create a world-class mold enterprise. Zhuhai Gree Electric Co. , Ltd. is a specialized air conditioning enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales and service, with a sales revenue of 420 in 2008. 3. 2 billion yuan, net profit 19. 6. 7 billion yuan, turnover in 2010 608. 0. 7 billion, profit 42. 7. 6 billion, operating income in the first half of 2011 402. 3. 9 billion. Gree Electric's 'Gree' brand air conditioner operates in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. Japan's Daikin Industries Co. , Ltd. has been growing and developing since its inception in 1924. The main departments are: air conditioning refrigerant department-- Residential and commercial air conditioners, air cleaners, large refrigerators, offshore container refrigeration devices, ship refrigeration and air conditioners. Chemical Department-- Fluorine resin, fluorine rubber, fluorine coating, fluorocarbon compound, waterproof and oil-proof agent, surfactant, chemical machinery. Oil Department-- Hydraulic machinery and devices for industrial machinery, construction machinery, hydraulic machinery for vehicles, centralized lubrication machinery and devices. Special Machinery Department-- All kinds of ammunition, Fuze, precision parts for aircraft, fire extinguishing box for aircraft. Other departments--Computer graphics. According to incomplete statistics, China is now the world's largest producer of household appliances, with an annual output value of more than 1. 5 trillion yuan, while more than 90% of the parts of household electrical appliances are manufactured by moulds, and the mould cost accounts for about 1% of the sales price of household electrical appliances, so the annual mould cost is more than 15 billion yuan. With the increasingly fierce market competition, especially in the home appliance industry, it has continuously expanded from traditional home appliances to new cleaning products, kitchen products and personal care products, the key period of transformation and upgrading, which requires continuous improvement in personalization, automation and intelligence, also requires higher and higher requirements for household appliance mold manufacturing technology and its standardization degree. Zhuhai NJPE precision mould Co. , Ltd. has continuously carried out technological innovation in the manufacture of household appliance moulds in recent years, manufacturing high-quality and high-precision moulds, and has won the recognition of customers in various bases around the world, such as air deflector for air conditioning products, sweeping blades, panels, etc. , other household appliances such as humidifier grilles, electric heating fixtures, brackets, etc. The following are the product drawings and mold drawings of the air conditioning product sweeping blades: the precision of the product is determined by the mold. Under the general trend of consumer quality, manufacturers and consumers pay more attention to the high-end presentation of the product, the mold plays an important role in it. NJPE mould has advantages in precision and speed. In the future, it will provide more customers with diversified characteristic services and strive to be a model for world-class household appliance mould manufacturing quality brands! For a deeper understanding of NJPE household appliance mold manufacturing brand information, you can enter the following official website: https://www . njprecisionengineering. Com/report on improving the effectiveness of self-inspection of CNC process staff in essence
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